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Meet Event Technology Awards Winner: sli.do

By Julius Solaris

This article will introduce you to the winner of the first Event Technology Awards held this year in London. It was part of the prize for the winner so here it is!

Slido app 2

Last November I was part of the judging panel for the Event Technology Awards here in London.

Event Manager Blog sponsored the 'Best Event Startup' category. You, dear readers, voted and the winner was announced: sli.do.

As part of their prize, they get to tell you all about their company so please meet Peter Komornik, who will introduce you to what sli.do is and does.

Pitch sli.do in Less Than 140 Characters

sli.do gives your audience a voice. It is a web-based application for speakers and event organizers to easily engage their audience with live questions and polls.

Hey There! Introduce Yourself and Your team

Hey everyone. I’m Peter, the CEO of sli.do, and there are 6 more full-time members and 3 part-time members in our team right now. Half of the team works on product development, while the other half is taking care of our customers. We are also working with several great partners at building a distribution network across Europe.

What Did You Do Before sli.do?

I was working for Google at a local office in Slovakia, supporting top customers in the country.

What Gave You the Idea?

Actually, we started working on a different product called Instant Feedback for speakers, which came as a result of my teaching at a University. Our vision was to make presentations better. However, along the way we learned that the idea didn't really work as the audience had little motivation to fill in the feedback after the presentation. But we also learned that by engaging the audience during the presentation, we can actually help to make it better right away. So the vision remained the same, but the product has changed.

Who is Your Audience?

Our target customers are event organizers and speakers that care about their audience. There are many reasons why people organize events or give presentations. Some want to sell something, while others want to promote some cause. And then there are those who do it for the people who come there. We help those people to make their events and presentations even better by giving their audience a voice.

What Problem do you Solve for Event Professionals?

We help event professionals to make their events more interesting and engaging. It’s not acceptable anymore to have your audience come to your event and just sit quietly. You need to give everyone an easy way to express themselves and get engaged.

How Do You Help Speakers?

As I mentioned, I’m a teacher and a frequent speaker. Always the hardest part for me in preparing my presentation is knowing who will be in the audience and what they are interested in. We give speakers the option to easily include the audience into their presentation and at the end answer the questions, which they care most about. As a result, we help speakers make their presentations more relevant and engaging.

What's Next for sli.do?

There are lots‘ of innovations we are planning to bring to the market next year. The one we are working on right now, and which personally excites me the most, is the integration of sli.do with the coolest presentation tool out there, Prezi. We have already launched a website, where people can sign up for a private beta at sli.do/poll-for-prezi.

In Conclusion

sli.do was voted the best app by those who love event technology, therefore it deserves your attention. Give it a try!

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Julius Solaris
Julius Solaris is the editor of EventManagerBlog.com, he is an international speaker, author and consultant.
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  • Kyle Hillman, CMP

    Reminds me a lot like Conference.IO which has been out for several years now.

  • Kimberly Versmesse

    still unknown but I think it has potential. It is an app that makes your event more open
    and accessible for the visitors. In my
    opinion it will be something a lot of people will use and I think we will hear
    from it. People like to give their feedback or ask questions during a presentation
    but most of the time they don’t have a chance to do it and afterwards it’s too
    late. So with this app they have the chance to do it live, it will not only be
    good for your visitors but also for the person who is presenting because he
    will be able to adapt himself to his audience.

  • Julian Langeraert

    This is the first time I’ve read anything about the application and I must say it has really captured my attention. I strongly believe in the idea of live interaction with your audience as a speaker, event organiser, or any type of job which has lots to do with audiences.
    As a student I hope I will some day be able to use sli.do during one of the many presentations we get during our courses. Almost every speaker has a Q&A session after their presentation, but not everyone in the audience is comfortable with speaking in front of a large group. By using sli.do’s technology everyone gets a voice!

  • Steffi Vervaeke

    What a great application. It is already fantastic, but I think you
    can still add a lot more. I think this app has some great opportunities for the
    future. I would use this app as a spectator to receive an answer at all my
    questions. But also when I’m the speaker to know what exactly what the audience is thinking.

  • Congratulations to sli.do’s team.

  • Amazing sli.do