The Event App Bible v3 Is Out!

The Event App Bible has become the go-to publication if you are selecting or learning more about event mobile apps.

Update: You can find the latest Event App Bible here.

25,000 event professionals downloaded the first two editions. What that means for the team at EventMB is a continuous need to keep the content updated. The 2015 edition is once again a completely new document with unprecedented research and collation of the features of the best providers creating mobile technology for the industry.

Let’s look at why you should get your copy of The Event App Bible.


I am impressed and really flattered by the amount of imitation and plagiarism around. Yet I believe the Event App Bible is redefining the concept of research and content distribution in the event industry.

More than 3,000 respondents participated in our very detailed questionnaire. We qualified over 2,000 of those. That makes the research in the Event App Bible v3 the largest ever carried out about event mobile apps.

We gathered some amazing insights into what makes event professionals decide to select an event app, what frustrates them and what determines event app programs’ success.

The whole research is available for your benefit with extensive commentary and takeaways.

Comparison Tables

We’ve updated our comparison tables with even more companies. We’ve also looked out for new features and presented all tables according to different price points.

We’ve delivered tangible examples with hypothetical events of different sizes, aimed at making clear how much you can expect to spend if you plan a small conference or a large exhibition.

We are also reintroducing features such as Native vs Web analysis to let you know who offers what in the market.

Templates, Printable Checklists, Incredible Advice

I am so thrilled to have Corbin Ball writing the preface of this year’s edition. The Event App Bible also includes commentary from our own Cathy Key and Becki Cross as well as superstars such as Michelle Bruno and Liz King.

As much as that sounds VIP, the 2015 edition is packed with practical and implementable advice. There is no wishy-washy or superficial advice. We are focused on helping you create a sound strategy to select, implement and grow your event app program.

You will find printable templates, checklists and infographics. We know you are busy and our task is to deliver actionable information in the most readable manner.

Download the Event App Bible

As always, you can grab a copy of the latest Event App Bible for free.

One of the coolest introductions to this year’s edition is the ability to ask one of our sponsors for a demo of their software. You can submit your email from within the document if you want to hear more from them.

The document can be seen in your browser or downloaded for later use.

We are so excited about version three and can’t wait to share it with you. So grab your copy now!