The Future of the Event Industry

The Future of the Event Industry

Your Plan to Go Back to Business

The Future of the Event Industry

Your Plan to Go Back to Business

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Event App Bible 2020 [Free Report]

By EventMB Studio Team

Events are facing unprecedented times, and the guidance and leadership of the tech community has never been more important. 


Event app vendors are stepping up to deliver features and functionality that are conducive to virtual events.

This year’s Event App Bible digs deep into the need for virtual events and highlight the features that event apps have already mastered to deliver value and engagement online.

Is your event app set up for virtual events?

Let us help you with:

  • keyboard_arrow_right 4 macro trends defining event apps in 2020
  • keyboard_arrow_right 300 event app implementations to give you a snapshot of the market
  • keyboard_arrow_right 105 app providers and a deep statistical analysis of the most important features

It’s ready for you to download.

Download the free PDF here

The Event App Bible 2020

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