The Event App Bible: A Free Ebook for Event Professionals

The Event App Bible is a free downloadable report with the most comprehensive research on the mobile apps for events ecosystem. Grab your copy now.


Introducing the Event App Bible

I am very pleased to announce a project in the making for over 4 months, The Event App Bible.

The Event App Bible is a comprehensive research of dozens of mobile apps. The aim is to give you an easy-to-use tool to make sense of an incredibly fragmented market. The ebook is free to download, no email submission is required.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of apps, shortlisted 50+ and organized the most essential features in easy-to-read comparison tables.

This report does not tell you which app is best. It is an unbiased snapshot of what app providers offer. We fully understand that every event has its own requirements therefore suggesting a one size fits all approach could only generate more confusion.

We also noticed that most of the reviews out there have been created by app providers themselves. While some of these may be valuable, there is an inevitable bias in them.

How The Research Was Born

Last year I spent quite some time travelling to exhibitions and conferences for event professionals. I had the chance to talk to several app providers and event planners about mobile apps for events.

All these conversations made me realize that the shared sentiment about this disruptive event technology was mostly one: confusion.

I started to think that a report could help clearing doubts. Event Manager Blog is meant to help event professionals solving problems, hence why I decided to go ahead with the project.

The Research

A few months ago I called for all event app providers to submit their app for review. The aim was to give you as precise data as possible.

Unfortunately not all the apps eventually reviewed did submit a completed form. We actively looked on app websites trying to give you the most accurate reflection of the market.

We started with 300 apps and due mostly to lack of information we reduced the list to 50+ providers.

The report is structured as follows:

– A write up on the most pressing issues affecting event mobile strategies. This section includes chapters (among others) such as:

Event Apps: Hype or Substance? – How to Decide If You Need an App – Purchasing Factors – Price and Cost – App Provider Location – Web-Based vs. Native – Looking at Features – To RFP or Not to RFP – Checking App Provider Credentials

– Comparison Charts. This section includes four charts: Feature Analysis, Price Analysis, Web vs Native, Geolocation of the app provider.

The Team

This report has been quite a terrific team effort. Therefore allow me to thank for making the project happen Carmen Boscolo, for designing the report Beatrice Tagliaferri, for helping with the research Anne Thornley-Brown, for validating the report Rennette Grace and for overall UX support Fabio Cannillo.

It has been quite a large project for our small team to manage. Event Manager Blog is a family-run business and we do make sure that every piece of content we release is accurate and to the highest standards.

That’s why I like to think that those who sponsored the report, Bizzabo, Cvent, DoubleDutch, Eventmobi and twoppy, have been on this occasion members of our team. True supporters of good content. Without them it would have been impossible to deliver a quality end product. I sincerely thank them.


In Conclusion

We decided to make The Event App Bible ebook a free download with no email required. This is because our aim is to help event professionals, not to collect their data.

I would be very thankful on behalf of our team if you could let your colleagues and peers know about it. I am sure they will appreciate it. The link to share is the following

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