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The Event Innovation Lab Program

The Event Innovation Lab™ is the event planning training for top event agencies and corporate planners. This immersive event will give you a decade of proven growth strategies, tactics and real life examples over a half day.

Attendance is free and by application only.

What to Expect

Event Essentials

  • June 15th, 2018 New York City
  • Limited to 30 attendees
  • 9-12pm EDT
  • Convene, 101 Greenwich St, New York
  • 3 CMP clock hours


  • Evenium
  • Convene

about the trainer

Julius Solaris has created the most followed framework to correctly implement innovation, technology, and social media at events. Fortune 500 companies follow Julius' advice through his research and publications in the event industry.

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Who should attend

  • Event planners looking for event growth.

  • Agencies hungry for more clients.

  • Corporate planners looking for innovative ideas.

  • Event professionals with increased competitive pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Event Innovation Lab?
The Event Innovation Lab™ is an innovative format to deliver exponential growth to your event.
How is the event structured?
  • Data Gathering. The trainer sends a questionnaire or reviews feedback from previous events. All event assets are reviewed, including website, current technology stack, feedback on social media. Additional interviews with key stakeholders of the event may be scheduled.
  • Data Evaluation. All the collected data becomes part of the Event Innovation Lab™ Map, a tool that helps the trainer and the attendees to navigate through the challenges of the event. The Map, becomes the final presentation.
  • Training Day. The Lab will take place over one or two 4 hour sessions. Attendees will gather informally and attend the presentation.
  • Presentation Structure. The trainer navigates attendees through the map, alternating best practices, case studies, tools and strategies to face the most common challenges. The group will discuss and commit to change aspects of their business or event.
  • Roadmap. A simple roadmap of change will be co-created with the commitment and responsibility of all attendees.
I am an EventMB Insights Member, can I attend?
As an EventMB Insights member you have priority access to the Event Innovation Lab.
How do I apply?
Fill in the form below. You will hear from us within 7 business days.
Where will the next free events be?
We are working on our next event, stay tuned.
Can I purchase a ticket?
No, the event is by application only and there is no fee involved. You can apply below - we will let you know within 7 business days if your application is accepted.
How much does it cost?
Event Innovation Lab is free to attend. Accommodation and Travel are not provided.
What about accommodation and Travel?
Event Innovation Lab will happen all around the world. That is why we prefer coming to you locally. As a result accommodation and travel will not be provided.
What are the criteria to be accepted to free events?
These are some of the criteria of the ideal candidate. We reserve the right to include more or disapprove based on audience fit.
What is the ideal profile of the attendee?
  • you are a corporate event planner
  • you are an agency with large budget clients
  • you have 1M+ budget per event
  • you are an association professional with 10K+ attendees annual meetings
What if I haven't been accepted?
if your work situation changes, you can reapply. Alternatively you can host an Event Innovation Lab™ for your company. Contact us at contact@eventmanagerblog.com


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