2022 Event Trends Summit

2022 Event Trends Summit

2022 Event Trends Summit

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The Future of Event Marketing [Free Report]

By EventMB Studio Team

A lot has changed since we published the first edition of The Future of Event Marketing. Events have become the most popular marketing strategy for 2019, with a surge in event experiences and fall in event marketing through organic social media.


In an unexpected twist, information- and technology-overload had marketers relying more on human approaches in their marketing strategies - something no one foresaw.




This updated report reveals the five overarching trends that most significantly impact event marketing in 2019. We discuss tried-and-true strategies that will continue to work and look beyond to predict what the future has in store.


Conducting intensive research with our friends at Aventri, we shed light on the most relevant indicators for the future of event marketing and turned to leading industry experts to share their thoughts on important questions eventprofs worldwide can relate to.



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