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Event Promotion: 6 Advanced Tactics To Promote Events with Social Media [Video]

By Julius Solaris

Millions of events are being promoted on social media every day. These 6 tactics are very powerful to promote events on social media and ensure your event is a sell out!

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Hey, my name is Julius and I am the editor of EventMB, the number one website for event professionals. This channel is all about helping you to make your events awesome. Whether you are starting out, or a seasoned eventprof, you’ll find plenty of tips, advice and tactics to be successful in events.

Did you know that 75% of event professionals say that social media is by far the most effective tool to promote their events?

The top 4 social networks to promote your events are:





So how do you make sure your marketing campaign is fresh and that you can make the most of reaching billions of users on social media?

Let’s have a look.

Tactic #1 - It's All About Visuals

Pictures and video are the new social currency. Nobody reads anymore. Not enough time, not enough focus.

On the other hand it’s very easy to double tap on a picture. Collect as many assets as possible from your current event that you can repurpose. A solid photography investment is the basis of modern social media strategies.

These visual assets will be key on pretty much every social network. Whether it is Linkedin or Snapchat, you will need an enormous amount of assets to create a coordinated campaign that delivers.

Tactic #2 - Create FOMO

The whole purpose of your social media marketing campaign is to create FOMO.

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

Hire influencers to attend your event and spread the word about your event. Entice them with targeted registration codes, get them to participate in the lead up to the event with interviews, takeovers, behind the scenes.

Remember that your performers or entertainers or speakers are the prime influencers, so give them collaterals they can share on social networks.

Tactic #3 - Gamify Promotions

Get people talking about your event online.

You can use tools such as event apps or special discount codes to create community before the event.

Gamification such as competitions and scavenger hunts can be effective. Offer prizes:

keyboard_arrow_right A special sit down with a celebrity
keyboard_arrow_right A special access to closed area of your event
keyboard_arrow_right 20% off the ticket or a free ticket

Tactic #4 - Be Present All Year Round

If you wake up two months before the event, it’s not going to work, you will not get the exposure. Social networks now have algorithms that assign visibility based on your activity and performance of updates.

If you want to give it the best shot, you need to be engaged and present all year long.

Tactic #5 - Quality Not Quantity

Back in the day, there was one golden rule about the use of social media to promote events: the more updates and content the merrier.

Nowadays, attention has shifted from quantity to quality.

The only exception is for stories. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat give you more prominence if you create more stories. The same is not true for regular updates though.

Curating less updates but providing the highest quality content. It’s really about curating that one daily or weekly update that is going to give you the maximum exposure. Algorithms will favour you if you focus on less updates but of higher quality.


Tactic #6 - Combine Social Ads

Combine Social ads for maximum effectiveness

There is no chance anyone will see your updates on social networks such as Facebook if you don’t combine your strategy with a strong ad budget. The same goes for Youtube.

You should allocate some budget to seed your content, especially at the beginning. Organic opportunities will kick in later but always allocate a budget that can range anywhere between $10 and $1,000 dollars per update if you really want to increase the visibility of your updates.

Cost effectiveness is as follows:

keyboard_arrow_right Facebook remarketing
keyboard_arrow_right Facebook
keyboard_arrow_right Youtube - remarketing
keyboard_arrow_right Youtube
keyboard_arrow_right Instagram
keyboard_arrow_right Twitter
keyboard_arrow_right Linkedin


That’s it for me today, I hope you enjoyed these 6 tactics to promote events better with social media.

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Thanks for watching.


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