Event Startup Submission

Here at Event Manager Blog we love event startups.

We cover new event startups quite regularly and we collect them on this Pinterest board.

If you are working on a Startup and you are ready to go public about it, use the submission form below. Before submitting your company, make sure you are not listed in our board (that means we know who you are).

Remember that submitting your startup does not translate automatically into being included in our resources (although it is a the best way to get into our radar). Please check the F.A.Q. for more info.

Also note that if you gained previous coverage on any outlet, you won’t be covered here on EventMB as part of the roundups.

Paid Reviews

We recently launched reviews to allow young startups to be on the blog with more space than that dedicated on our monthly roundup.

This is a tool for those who cannot engage with more complex products such as Sponsored Posts as well as for event apps and registration providers which are excluded from the roundup for editorial policy.

To learn more about paid reviews please use the form in our Advertise with Us section.

By entering the form below you agree to contact you about event startup specific initiatives we may carry in conjunction with our partners. You can remove yourself from our list by sending an email to contact@eventmanagerblog.com