Pivot to Virtual 2020 [Free Report]

Pivot to Virtual 2020 [Free Report]

Your guide to successful virtual events in 2020

Pivot to Virtual 2020 [Free Report]

Your guide to successful virtual events in 2020

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[Free Report] Event Storytelling Playbook

By EventMB Studio Team

We are happy to release a new report to help event professionals harness the power of storytelling to create better events.

What you will find inside:

  • keyboard_arrow_right What Are Stories and Why Do They Work
  • keyboard_arrow_right Why Does Storytelling Matter?
  • keyboard_arrow_right How to Tell a Good Story
  • keyboard_arrow_right Building Your Own Stories.
  • keyboard_arrow_right 4 Tips to Make Sure Your Story Resonates
  • keyboard_arrow_right Test Your Storytelling Efficacy
  • keyboard_arrow_right A Business Case for Storytelling
  • keyboard_arrow_right Applying a Story to an Event: The Attendee Journey
  • keyboard_arrow_right Lessons in Storytelling from Hollywood and Madison Avenue
  • keyboard_arrow_right Make Your Attendees Care
  • keyboard_arrow_right Conferring a Concept, Mood or Reputation onto a Place or Event

This report is aimed at event professionals that want to change their event or brand narrative, and is a great resource for exhibit managers that want to step up their trade show activations.

It was written with the fantastic contribution and support of our friends at GES.

Download the free PDF here

the Event Storytelling Playbook

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