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5 Events That Can Grow Your Customer Base [Video]

By EventMB Team

In this new video we take a look at what types of events you can host to build up your customer base.  

So you’re looking to scale, add a ton of new clients or customers, and make big steps toward growing your company.  Standard marketing and sales teams are a great resource to make those types of moves, but have you considered how events could help you grow your customer base?  You get to put your company and brand on blast to a very captive audience.

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Video Transcript

Hey - Xander here with EventMB.  As a event producer that works with small business and brands, I spend a lot of time talking about customer cultivation and how to use events to grow your base.  

Events are a critical piece of the marketing puzzle - last year, 17% of marketing budgets globally were dedicated to event management, and that is only going to grow as the experience economy keeps dominating consumer spend.   Let’s take a look at How To Get More Customers Using Events.

  1. Experiential Marketing

If you’re just getting started or you don’t have a large enough audience or customer base, it may be worthwhile to start with some Experiential Marketing.  You don’t NEED to have attendees come out to these types of activations - you just need to capture people's attention. For example, when Snap, Inc., who, mind you, has plenty of users, launched their Spectacles, they created a scavenger hunt-esque experience where customers had to find their Robot Vending Machine to buy the glasses.  Get people excited to talk about what your brand is up to, and that will drive a lot customers in your direction.   

  1. Focus Groups

Here, we’re moving onto a more targeted group of attendees -  Do you need to get feedback on your product?  Maybe want to understand why a certain segment of your customers are dropping off once the free trial has wrapped up?  Try out a few focus groups and ask those questions directly to your customers.  These can be super low cost, or even digital gatherings, where you can find a goldmine of feedback and show your customers that you are truly invested in creating a product that serves them.  

Offer a gift card and a meal as a form of compensation - yes, this will cost you something, but it is way less than any of the next types of events.

  1. Meetups or Meet + Greets

Small meetups are GOLDEN when it comes to introducing potential clients to your brand.  Sure, it can be positioned as a networking event on behalf of your company, but what if it is just beer and snack?  Rent out a bocce ball court and order some appetizers, invite your customers and ask them to invite a friend (preferably a non-customer).  You don’t have to treat it like a product demo, but developing a relationship with anyone willing to come out and spend time with you is always a plus.  Similarly, if you are friends with the CEO or founder of a company that people would love to hear from, you can host VIP meet and greets sponsored by your company.  It is a great way to have potential customers connect the dots between their favorite brands and your product.  

  1. User Conferences

One of the best ways to connect with your current and prospective customers is to host a user conference.  Especially great for Software as a Service (or SaaS) products, you have the opportunity to showcase the software, it’s features, and improvements or updates you might be able to share. You can also provide education opportunities that go beyond just your product - for example, Dreamforce, the massive Salesforce User Conference, features a ton of sessions on its own products and the features they want users to learn.  But they also have sessions on leadership, equality, and partner meetups that bring together users within the same industry to chat about their experience using Salesforce.  If you include a potential customer content track and invite a bunch of perspectives midway through your pipeline, it may just be the experience they need to close the sale.  

  1. Product Launches

Who doesn’t love a splashy showcase.  Think Apple 2007 (or 2008, 2009...etc…) upon the launch of the iPhone.  If you are gearing up to launch a new product, think of some ways that you can create buzz around it.  Some companies will rent out Time Square and do something grandiose.  Others will rent out an auditorium in their corporate hometown and show the product through screenshots or live demos.  Splashy Product Launch + Word of Mouth = New Customers

5 Events That Can Grow Your Customer Base [Video]

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of events at different budget levels that you can use to build your customer base.  If you’re not quite ready to dive into a large user conference, you can look at hosting a small event with a few of your best customers and their friends.  Figure out where you feel most comfortable, and be sure to hire an event professional to help you bring your vision to life.  Soon enough, you’ll blow your customer count out of the water.   

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