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19 Spooktacular Halloween Décor Ideas

By EventMB Studio Team

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It’s that time of year again where Halloween and pumpkin spice mania take over. Here are some amazing décor ideas to make your event pop this Halloween.

Each year people try to outdo themselves with a Halloween event but they can all often end up looking the same; too childish or worse, tacky. Event planners can have a lot of fun during this season and really unleash their creative side by incorporating elements of fall as well as tying the theme together seamlessly.  If you are looking to create events with the wow factor you need to stray away from the obvious and aim for décor that is both classy but spooky-inclined. From small parties to corporate events, we have plenty of inspiration to make your Halloween event killer this year (pun definitely intended!)

19 Spooktacular Halloween Décor Ideas
  1. Web Gobo’s

Gobo’s are useful lighting effects that can be adapted and used for a variety of branding and sponsorship ideas but this is a stunning use of Gobo’s to create spider webs around the venue. This is a classy corporate alternative to fake webbing which is used excessively in many events during the fall season.

Credit: Bay Stage Live

  1. Themed Centerpieces

If you have a lower budget, centerpieces can be a way to draw the theme into the décor without needing to go all out. These are a fantastic talking point and the glass domes could be filled with any weird and wonderful scenes representing movies, fears or even faux chopped body parts on display.


Credit: Giraffe Event Solutions

  1. Giant Spiders

Halloween is all about fear and phobias and what is a more popular fear than arachnophobia? These giant spider props look like something out of your worst nightmare and were also incorporated as aerial décor and hung from the ceiling for this event.

Credit: Sydney Prop Specialists

  1. Coffin Invites

Your invitations are the first contact for your event so you need to show attendees exactly what to expect and these coffin invites are perfect. Since it contains a scroll with the event details, it handles both the logistics and shows you are serious about your Halloween event!

Credit: Art and Hot Sauce

  1. Handmade Boo Bunting

Bunting is an excellent decorative way to adorn walls or can be hung above food or drinks stations. This cute boo bunting is a sweet, handmade addition to your event and would work perfectly at informal affairs and gatherings.


Credit: Hook & Pins

  1. Balloon Sculptures

A balloon sculpture can be used as pillars for an entranceway, to cover bare walls or to fill unused space and these themed towers are a great idea. The balloons can be adapted to suit the color scheme for your event and the friendly characters would be suitable for kids too.

Halloween Balloon Decor #halloweenballoons #Halloween #hallooweenparty

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Credit: Candy Magic

  1. Faux Candles

Candles are a favorite lighting choice during Halloween because they set a magical, ethereal vibe but with all the webbing and décor that is bound to be around, these candles can be used to set the mood and are less of a fire hazard.


Credit: Katlakedavra

  1. Spooky Bounce House

If you are looking for Halloween-themed participatory activities, inflatables are always good fun. This spooky bounce house not only offers a sense of nostalgia from birthday bouncy castles, but also gives a different experience because it is dark inside, drawing more attendees to it and utilizing outdoor event space.

Credit: Lets Party Salinas

  1. Standing Props

Take horror examples out of well-known TV shows or films like this example of a Game Of Thrones white walker that would also tie in well with a winter-themed Halloween event. Standing props can create more of an immersive experience for attendees while also creating excellent photo opportunities.

Credit: Sydney Prop Specialists

  1. Social Cut-Out

Just because it is Halloween doesn’t mean you should forget your social media campaign or marketing. This cut-out is themed, effective, and can have the event details and hashtag on display for extra brand awareness. Plus, the frame is a little different from the usual Instagram or Facebook box copy.

Credit: Social Cutouts

  1. Blood Bag Drinks

The Halloween equivalent of specialty cocktails; these fun and quirky drinks will get your attendees talking and are a memorable way to serve refreshments. They can house any drink type and can be hung on an event bar as a weird and interesting way of presenting them to guests before being  served by staff dressed as undead doctors or nurses.


Credit: Sipoholics

  1. Pumpkin Lanterns

Nothing represents this season more than the humble pumpkin but for corporate events you may be looking to stray away from the traditional orange color scheme. These are a fantastic alternative that offers beautiful effects and can be excellent light sources too.

Credit: Jessica

  1. Skeleton Head In Hole

This awesome head in hole idea is a way of adding fun to your event while also also staying in line with the theme. It is simple, classy, and you can adapt it for different scenes or characters that suit your choice of monster!

  1. Spooky Place Wayfinding

Direct attendees to the places of their nightmares with these mock signposts or label event areas after traditional horror places such as Sleepy Hollow or Transylvania like in this example. Event signage is important so make sure if you are going to have pretend signage, that you distinguish it from the real ones so you don’t confuse attendees.

Credit: Jensen Designs

  1. Themed Food

What’s Halloween without candy? These are stunning examples of ways you can incorporate the sweet tooth while staying true to the theme in a sophisticated way. Biscuits, cupcakes, and celebration cakes can all be styled in a classy, but spooky way and themed food makes the event even more enjoyable.


Credit: Wilderly Bakery

  1. Photo Backdrop

Whether you have a photo booth at your event or not, backdrops like this positioned around the event provide photo opportunities and activities for the guests to do as they mingle. A photo backdrop could also be signed or contain the event details for extra coverage across social media.


Credit: Hapsnappy Photography

  1. Witch Boot Bouquet

Flowers and foliage can still be incorporated into this theme, especially with black roses like in this example. This themed bouquet is a fantastic display that ties a lot of elements together by using a ‘witch-style’ boot as the vase and adding spiders for extra impact.

Credit: Celebratingdaily

  1. DIY Bat Lights

If you are looking for a creative event idea to incorporate that is budget friendly, this is it. These jars would look great on tables or could even light pathways for attendees outside if you made enough of them. Plus, they are fairly simple to make and are cost-effective in bulk.

Credit: Shauna Foster

  1. Orange Uplighting

This is the perfect way to make a venue look immediately spooky and festive for Halloween with minimal effort and décor. Using lighting is also an effective way to decorate venues that are large and areas where you are unable to hang things from. Also, lighting makes the building stand out from far away, thus attracting more attendees, particularly at night.


Credit: Discovery Lighting

In Conclusion

Hopefully you are inspired to get creative with your Halloween event décor and avoid overdoing it with the webbing this year! We’ve covered a variety of different categories to incorporate into your event, from florals and lighting, to decorations and activities, so that you can make your Halloween event classy, immersive, and make an impact with your attendees.


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