19 Spooktacular Halloween Décor Ideas

It’s that time of year again where Halloween and pumpkin spice mania take over. Here are some amazing décor ideas to make your event pop this Halloween.

Each year people try to outdo themselves with a Halloween event but they can all often end up looking the same; too childish or worse, tacky. Event planners can have a lot of fun during this season and really unleash their creative side by incorporating elements of fall as well as tying the theme together seamlessly.  If you are looking to create events with the wow factor you need to stray away from the obvious and aim for décor that is both classy but spooky-inclined. From small parties to corporate events, we have plenty of inspiration to make your Halloween event killer this year (pun definitely intended!)

19 Spooktacular Halloween Décor Ideas
  1. Web Gobo’s

Gobo’s are useful lighting effects that can be adapted and used for a variety of branding and sponsorship ideas but this is a stunning use of Gobo’s to create spider webs around the venue. This is a classy corporate alternative to fake webbing which is used excessively in many events during the fall season.

Credit: Bay Stage Live

  1. Themed Centerpieces

If you have a lower budget, centerpieces can be a way to draw the theme into the décor without needing to go all out. These are a fantastic talking point and the glass domes could be filled with any weird and wonderful scenes representing movies, fears or even faux chopped body parts on display.


Credit: Giraffe Event Solutions

  1. Giant Spiders

Halloween is all about fear and phobias and what is a more popular fear than arachnophobia? These giant spider props look like something out of your worst nightmare and were also incorporated as aerial décor and hung from the ceiling for this event.

Credit: Sydney Prop Specialists

  1. Coffin Invites

Your invitations are the first contact for your event so you need to show attendees exactly what to expect and these coffin invites are perfect. Since it contains a scroll with the event details, it handles both the logistics and shows you are serious about your Halloween event!

Credit: Art and Hot Sauce

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