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The Hottest Event Startups to Watch This Summer

By Julius Solaris

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Have a look at some of the most innovative startups on the event industry block.

Summer is here, what better time to look at what technology will make an impact in the event industry by showcasing the hottest event startups.

At EventMB we have pioneered the recognition of innovation in the event industry. This post showcases some of the most innovative ideas out there.

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The Hottest Event Startups to Watch This Summer



We have discussed for a long time what Facebook could do with Virtual Reality and the opportunities for live events. What is a possibility for Facebook is a reality for Altspace VR.

They have built an app that allows participants to attend virtual events. Recently they announced an event, deemed to be one of the largest VR events ever held, with Reggie Watts. This was thanks to their service FrontRow.


Bamboo Spark


Some of the most successful eventtech ventures are actually physical products. We love touching and feeling stuff, we are the masters of offline after all.

Bamboo spark is a fantastic idea for high profile corporate or team building events. It is a pen to take notes that renders what is written digitally so that attendees can then digitize and process notes.



Everybody talks about wearables and how disruptive they will be in our industry. When it comes to examples the same pundits quietly leave the room like thieves. Broadcastwear is a clever idea to display interactive signs on your staff t-shirts. Whether it is a sign or an invite to like you on Facebook, this is a great idea.



Video is living a second life. Events are goldmines of video content. With high profile speakers and existing AV infrastructure, event professionals have an opportunity to extend the lifetime of their conference well over the closing remarks. Conferencecast helps you to organise and monetise conference videos.



You know how passionate we are about feedback and gathering feedback in the smartest possible way. feeba is an easy solution to gain quick feedback from busy attendees.

Fly Another Day


A very smart idea to avoid double booking events. It has happened to the best of us - scheduling an event just to realise that another major happening is due the same day or week. Fly another day takes the guess work out of finding a great time for your event.

Help Get Sponsors


We know sponsorship is changing and platforms like Help Get Sponsors are at the forefront of this change. Matchmaking brands and events can deliver much more value to all parties involved. It is still a fairly new idea for the event industry, but definitely one to watch.



Hiroes has a different take on the way we book entertainment and that alone is a great thing. Hiroes allows event professionals to discover unknown talents available to perform at events - the Airbnb of entertainment.



Jaunt is hardware. It is exciting hardware for the event professional geek. A camera able to record proper 3D VR. This is great for those events looking at selling immersive experiences after the event and for venues that want to give an edge to site inspections.



Linguali makes clever use of the fact that every attendee owns a smartphone. You can quickly access simultaneous translation via your smartphone with competitive pricing.



We are entering the reign of what events could be in the future. This is the Skynet of events and pretty much the potential everyone saw in Google Glass but the Mountainview giant did not have the guts to pursue. What if our phones could record 24/7 everything happening around us, including the faces of fellow attendees and remind us of who they are for example.



Seaters is one of the most innovative startups tackling a very serious issue for event professionals, sold out events. Scalping is a plague and seated looks at optmizing ticket availability without inflating prices and giving real fans a second chance.



What if you have a ticket or a pass for an event and you can't make it? Shareapass makes it easy to share it with a friend. Event planners have an active role in making passes available which makes this service different from other similar propositions.



Snaptivity allows to create memories for sporting events for those attending. If you have been to a Disney Park, this reminds us of those hidden videos and pictures you can collect at the end of your holiday. Great idea.



Thanks Adrian Segar for the tip here, Swivl is an amazing piece of hardware that follows the presenter to make livestreaming more interactive. This is thanks to its motion tracking sensors that make the intelligent pod follow the speaker.

In Conclusion 

As always we ask you to share this post with your colleagues, getting exposure is so important for this innovative bunch and we need to support innovation.

If you are a startup you can submit your company here to be considered for our next roundup.

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