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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Events [Video]

By Julius Solaris

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In this new video, we talk about artificial intelligence and how you can implement it at your events.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Events [Video]

Why You Should Consider AI For Your Events

Today there is a lot of talk in the event industry about Artificial Intelligence. Find out how artificial intelligence is changing events, why you should care and what you should consider when evaluating AI for your future projects.

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Video Transcript

So, what’s all this fuss about Artificial Intelligence? Should you care? What’s in it for your event? Let’s find out!

What’s up folks, welcome to another EventMB video, I am Julius Solaris, your editor and today I want to talk to you about Artificial Intelligence.

There is a lot of talk in the event industry about Artificial Intelligence. Everybody is excited about chatbots and the potential they have. And it’s correct, the level of investment in AI is massive. The opportunities are endless. But you, dear event planners, have many things to think about and we don’t want to add confusion to your very organized to do list.

What I want to do for you today is clear some of your doubts and tell you what you should consider when evaluating AI for your next event.

Why AI for Events?

The major benefits at the moment for implementing artificial intelligence technology for events are the following:

  • Speed up lines
  • Save on temporary staff costs
  • Untap marketing opportunities for large events
  • Improve the security of your event


How are you going to implement Artificial intelligence at your next event? Mainly by use of mobile event apps. Our research says that 25% of event apps on the market offer some level of AI.

In other cases, you may want to use more expensive face recognition technology, which may increase costs. If you plan large events, this one is for you, if you plan more intimate meetings, you may want to ignore this one for now.


Chatbots are the most accessible way to implement AI at your event. We are more and more used to talking to our Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homepod - we ask questions to SIRI, Cortana every day. Now think about the power of asking questions about your event to your phone (by chatting or by voice) and getting targeted information.

That’s value, my friend. Nobody wants to be bothered with going through 100 screens to find where that next session is going to be. We want specific information, now. Not in 2 minutes time. 2 minutes in an event is an eternity.

The biggest benefit is the ability to save on recurring questions made to your temp staff and using chatbots intelligently instead.


AI is a data goldmine. Especially when it comes to making sense of data

What about finally having smart information about the marketing opportunities in our event. What about knowing that if someone purchased a ticket, someone else in their network may be interested because an algorithm found that out for you.

But also think about offering smart recommendations to your exhibitors about who they should meet on the show floor, with 50,000 attendees in attendance.

The deep learning component of AI is the one that predicts and offers intelligence that can be immediately activated in an event.

Security and Lines

Another interesting use of AI is the ability to recognize faces and get data about attendees. This can be used to your advantage if you want to speed up check in at large events. Scanning a face can be very accurate and cross referenced with social media profiles to speed up access.

Many large music festivals are now using facial recognition to randomly scan attendees and identify potential terror threats, one of the most pressing issues for event professionals today.

In Conclusion

We are just at the beginning of the Artificial Intelligence revolution in events. More great things are to come. In the meanwhile keep yourself informed, ask your suppliers what are they doing about it and how you can use it strategically to deliver value to your attendees.

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