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How To Work with Influencers to Promote Your Event [Video]

By EventMB Studio Team

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In this new video, we talk about how you can incorporate the power of influencers into your event.

How To Work with Influencers to Promote Your Event [Video]

How To Create A Successful Influencer Campaign

This video will help you understand the latest addition to the new marketing mix – and how you can incorporate their power into your event. It just involves finding the right people to help spread your message!

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Video Transcript

So you’ve got a grip on social media strategies for your events, you know when to post your tweets and which hashtags to conveniently hide in the ‘more’ section of your Instagram posts.

But believe it or not, there is even more you can be doing to get the biggest possible reach for your events and their content.

Luckily this doesn’t involve getting your head around yet another social media platform, and finely tuning your posts to suit… it just involves finding the right people to help spread your message. This video ‘How to Leverage Social Media Influencers for Your Event’ will help you to understand the latest addition to the new marketing mix – and how you can incorporate their power into your event.

Hi, I’m Elena and this video is brought to you by the Event Manager Blog video series. EventMB is the number one blog for event professionals.

First up, let’s cover some of the types of content creators, or influencers that you might come across:

  • Youtubers
  • Instagrammers
  • Snapchatters
  • Bloggers

Next, let’s look at the ways in which you could create a successful influencer campaign for your event

  1. Keep Up with the Latest Trends

Social media platforms are constantly evolving to better their competitors and remain on top with users. Before you can assess which platform you want an influencer to help push your message on, you will need to be aware of all possible capabilities at the time – and which are the best for your event. Similarly – watch your own event competitors to see if they have had any luck with similar, and monitor who/what is currently popular in the social space. Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat have blogs where they regularly post about new features and case studies.

  1. Find an Influencer

Most of the established creators – with the biggest imaginable audiences (we are talking upwards of 10 million followers on Instagram alone in some cases) are very highly sought after and so contracting them for so much as a tweet or two will require a very big budget. For those of you who are unable to stretch to the mega influencers of the world – you might be wondering who you should be approaching to help with your event.

First of all, it is key to understand who YOU are trying to reach in the first place, then set out to find an influencer that has an audience that matches this. This can be tricky, especially in the world of events where no two event audiences are the same – but once you nail your demographic… finding the right influencer is no more than a little researching away. Apps and blog posts detailing the easiest and most successful ways to do this are common, we have noted a few below.

It is also very important to keep in mind once you find a potential match that numbers are not always everything. Bots can be purchased to help increase a person’s social media following (to make them look more attractive to people on the hunt for influencers)… so look more at the engagement. Are the accounts managed by a real person? Are the comments full of spam and self-promotion, OR do they include people tagging their friends and interacting directly with the content.

Your goal is to grow your event community, and you do not want to be doing that with fake accounts and a largely uninterested new social audience.

  1. Be Clear with your Goals from the Beginning

So you’ve done the research and you’ve found the content creator of your event marketing dreams. Now it is important to let them know exactly what you want to achieve from the beginning. It sounds logical, but we cannot stress this point enough – otherwise it could be a waste of time for you and the influencer (who ultimately only agrees to do things that will be beneficial to their audience). Do you want to grow your own social followings, do you want to increase attendee sign up, or do you simply want a larger online viewership of your live stream. Not only can they help you confirm that this is possible, they can share their expertise on the best way to do it.

  1. Give Back

Of course you might be paying for this influencer, whether this be monetary or in kind such as free entrance to the event. But make sure you are supporting them with the materials they may need, discount codes for their audience to register for the event, logos for them to put on their pictures, videos in the appropriate formats for sharing on different channels.

It is also important for both parties to agree on the ways in which you track the progress of the campaign – such as hashtags and affiliate links, and make sure that this is monitored at all times. This might mean that you create the bones of tweets and youtube scripts to send over beforehand.

So there you have it, a whistle stop tour of the types of influencers and some ways in which you can create an event campaign with them. Thanks for watching ‘how to leverage social media influencers for your event’, if you liked this video and have any advice on this topic please like or comment below and share the video with your network.

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