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Event Apps

Learn all about event apps, chatbots, artificial intelligence and machine learning. They can make a real difference to your event if selected strategically and implemented properly. Find out how to ensure maximum adoption and engagement with your event app to ensure a positive return on your investment.

Social Media

Social media plays a huge part in the event experience. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat can be valuable channels to develop relationships and increase engagement around your event. From organic social media marketing, to paid social ads and targeting, every event manager needs to know the best way to reach their audience.


Video and live streaming can be a valuable tool for event planners to promote their events, develop their brand and event messaging and share fun or serious content. Whether it is live video content or planned and edited video content, event planners need to stay up to date.


Event technology can save event planners a lot of time and effort, improve the overall event experience for attendees, satisfy sponsors needs and prove the effectiveness of an event. Eventtech is constantly evolving and innovating to help you to create event magic.