Livestream and Storify Revamped. Events Can Celebrate

I posted 3 days ago on services that helped to share post event materials in a better way.

Two top choices for event planners mentioned in the article are Livestream and Storify. It so happens that both of them had a major overhaul over the past two days.

I thought to update you with the major changes and opportunities for your event.


Livestream is one of the best choices for live streaming your event. It’s been my default choice thanks to its Facebook integration.

They just launched a set of new features. Pretty cool new features.

The highlights are:

– Rich Media Experience: You can now update the channel with Twitter style messages and you can post photos.
– Quality: You can stream in HD
– Attendance: Remote attendees can follow the event
– Integration: They are launching on most mobile platforms


Dublin Web Summit
Volvo Ocean Race


– The custom channels are very clean. The brand experience is amazing.
– The Quality of video and streaming is amazing, almost flawless.


The biggest changes introduced by Storify are mostly in the back end.

Here are the changes as summed up by the company:

– A new logo and new look. The search and the editor sides of the interface have been switched, and we have made it easier to add text to stories. Photo searches are displayed in gallery format and pictures shown larger in stories. Saving stories is more reliable.

– A revised bookmarklet and all-new Storypad that lets you collect and save media from all over the web, and easily share what you’ve gathered with other Storify users. You can use media from anyone’s Storypad in any story.

– Smoother drag-and-drop functionality, which makes it easier to build stories and reorganize them.

– A collapsed view of your Storify story while it’s being built, so you can see it easily and organize it better.

Example, the StoryPad in action:


I must admit Storify used to be a bit cranky on the back end. The above changes make it a no-brainer for you to consider.

It is really a must have for your event and a fantastic replacement for your Thank You Card.

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