How Negativity is Impacting your Eventprof Career

Negativity could be one of the biggest things holding you back in your life and event planning career. When the negative seems overwhelming, let the positive back in again with some of these strategies and tips to get ahead.

In a world where we are tuned into every bad news story with first hand details and images of the horrific atrocities of our time, it’s hard not to live in the negative sometimes. Taking a pessimistic look at your event and everything that can go wrong can often be a good reality check and planning exercise to think about how to handle it if the worst happens. However too much sustained negativity can hold us back and have an adverse effect, even leading to depression and poor mental health.

No one likes a bitter, downbeat eventprof and before you know it too much pessimism can mean you are being overlooked for the next promotion or opportunity. Contrary to popular belief negativity is a choice, not a personality trait, and therefore it is a habit that can be broken in your life to ensure that it doesn’t limit you in progressing in your life and career.  The first step is to decide that you want to be positive and commit to it, after all it is a choice and only you can let the negativity build back up again. To bring more positivity in your life, try focusing on some of these areas.

How Negativity is Impacting your Eventprof Career

Avoid Ignoring Problems

They say ignorance is bliss but in the world of negativity (and events!) ignoring your problems can sometimes be the root of them. By putting your problems, fears or issues to one side it does not alleviate the problem and it can cloud your perception subconsciously, essentially the opposite of looking through rose tinted glasses. The longer this goes on, the more it amplifies and before long you have a metaphorical storm cloud hanging over your head and you are more likely to make irrational or negative decisions.

Whether on a personal or event level – deal with your problems head on and even if they aren’t quickly dealt with, they won’t shroud the other goodness and stop you from seeing the broader positivity.


Be Realistic

Positivity is great but being overly optimistic, especially in the world of events, can set yourself up for failure. Things (and events) go wrong and sometimes life can be unfair. Instead choose to be a realistic optimist who hopes for the best but prepares for all outcomes so that defeat or failure isn’t so crushing. When setting goals, be realistic and know what you can or can’t achieve so that even if you fall short, you don’t start letting self-doubt and negative personal thoughts back in.  

Mix It Up

Even the best routines can get boring and monotonous if they are repetitive and this is the case for work and personal life. Variety is the spice of life after all and trying new things and changing your everyday routine can trigger the reward sensation to help keep you happy. Do this by enjoying the little things and turning them into the little pleasures of your life without feeling like you are being restricted, for example having a glass of wine a couple of times a week rather than every night. But most of all, mix it up, keeping variety and changing your routine will keep you on your toes and helps to combat the negativity that the monotony brings.

Let It Go

Elsa had a point and you should be asking yourself, do these negative thoughts REALLY matter? Don’t hold onto grudges or resentment because the only person they will be affecting is yourself. You don’t need that kind of negativity plaguing your thoughts. Judgement can also be a slippery slope back to negative city so you should aim to let go of judging people and yourself because most of the time you don’t have the whole picture and being critical breeds more bad thoughts.

Reinforce Through Activities

It’s all about what you do, saying you’re going to be a positive person and doing it are completely different things. Reinforce your own positivity by practicing positive activities and healthy activities that can help you to train your brain to be happy, for example, try meditation or yoga, eat healthily or try a new hobby that can satisfy an aspect of your life you aren’t dealing with e.g. exercise or creativity. Doing these things can be more powerful than the mental aspect of positivity so if you find yourself having a bad day, reinforce your positivity by physically being positive and let it wash the negative thoughts away.

Be Present

Often, you become negative without even realizing it, you can be on ‘autopilot’ throughout your day and before you know it, you can’t name a single happy or positive experience. We tend to miss out on the small, everyday occurrences that can lift us up because we merely aren’t paying attention so being present in the moment can help you to identify the good in your life that you haven’t quite been seeing.

Being present also gives us the tools to stop negativity in its tracks. You should practice being positively present by stopping at the end of your day, or if you have had a bad morning you should do this at lunchtime, and think of three entirely positive things that happened or that you felt today. It can be difficult but it helps to train your brain to see what is right in front of you and get used to identifying positivity rather than just the negative.

Positive Support System

Negativity breeds and surrounding yourself with negative people tends to drag you down with them. On a good day they will kill your buzz and on a bad day they can send you spiraling. Instead, surround yourself with people who are positive and optimistic who try to see the good in life and people and you will find you have support for the bad days and have a lot more amazing ones.

This is not to say you should ditch all of your old friends just because they are having a bad day, instead try to encourage them to see the positive as well, negativity isn’t the only thing that breeds, but try to avoid people who are negative ALL the time, they will only bring you down.

Pay It Forward

Sometimes the last thing you want to do when having a bad day is interact further with others, but being kind, generous and grateful towards others is a way of making your day better as well as theirs. Doing a good deed for the day not only helps your karma balance but makes you feel good about yourself. Taking a moment to step outside the negativity of your life to focus on someone else can be a positive distraction that can improve your day.

It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, just talking to someone or buying a cup of coffee for a homeless person or even volunteering if you have the time, there are plenty of small acts of kindness that can help spread positivity into your life.


They say a problem shared is a problem halved and this can be true, as we mentioned, holding in anger and resentment can cause it to bubble over. Conversely sharing your concerns with someone, especially within your support system, can drastically make everything feel better and make a situation more manageable. Speaking to others about negative thoughts can also help you to re-focus your priorities and often saying things out loud and getting a new perspective can make something that seemed large in your head to become much smaller and inconsequential.

Write A Journal

It may seem trivial but journaling can help fight negativity by helping you to retrain your brain. Writing about a situation or your day can highlight how you see things and allows you to go back over them and analyse how and why you felt this way and what made you so negative – which is the first step to changing to a more positive outlook.

In your journal write your 3 good things per day and you will notice over time that you have more than 3 or you will go into more detail as time goes on. As you read back on your past accounts of situations you will literally be able to see how your brain has changed to become more positive and you will naturally be seeing things from a whole new light.

Get Physical

People underestimate the link between the physical and the mental and regular exercise can not only provide a scapegoat to deal with tension and negative feelings but the physical endorphins released will also help make you feel better too. Exercising with others can also create a new social network and support for you to hold you accountable, although group exercise can make some people anxious and may not be right for you. Instead try long walks or at home workouts that will have the same impact on your negativity without creating new barriers.


If you are really struggling to find the positivity in life, opt for a happy playlist that can help drown it out and offer a temporary distraction to lift your spirits. Music can be a powerful tool against negativity and can trigger the brain into emotion so ensure that you choose positive songs that are upbeat and make you happy, otherwise the music is going to make you spiral. Create a playlist and keep it on your phone or music player so that if things are getting you down, you can blast a few tunes and pick yourself right back up again.

Feng Shui

Make your home a positive space so that regardless of what happens in your day-to-day life or at work, you can leave the negativity behind. If you work from home, create an office or “work” space and you can leave everything there when you are done, don’t let things spread to other areas of the house because that’s how negativity can take over your home life as well.

Brightly colored walls and a comfortable area that is warm and welcoming will help you to destress and get rid of negative tension and positioning your furniture well to make it more inviting can help as well. Try to avoid TV’s or workout equipment in the bedroom because they can be negative distractions that can guilt you at the end of a long stressful day.

In Conclusion

Overall, choose which method is right for you and stick to it, positivity is key to appreciating and being grateful for life and it is important to remember that bad things happen but ongoing negativity is a choice that can be toxic to both your work and personal life, so using these strategies you can strike it down whenever it arises.

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