17 Ways To Notch Up the Fun Factor at Your Events

  1. Fancy Dress

Whether you give attendees a theme or just ask them to dress up, this starts the fun and anticipation before they even walk through the door as they plan and discuss their costumes with friends, think about who will come as what, and build the hype. If you don’t want to go full costumes a great alternative is a masquerade theme that allows for a little flair with the masks but more importantly adds a mystery element that goes on all night as guests get used to not seeing people’s faces.

Credit: Luisella Planeta Leoni

  1. Ball Pit

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, whether you’re a child or an adult, ball pits are fun. They are always popular and so much so that they have even opened a nightclub with a ball pit room for adults! We are all just big kids at heart after all and a ball pit can be adapted to suit any size venue, plus you could even brand the balls for a sponsorship opportunity.

I'll always be cheering for you from 8,127 miles away. 👯

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  1. Fire Artists

Fire can be fun and enticing as an entertainment idea and having fire artists such as these walk around gives a better experience and more of a wow factor because they are so close. You could also enhance this by adding in a workshop where attendees can try a bit of fire artistry for themselves!

Credit: Flowfuzion

  1. Gamified QR Codes

QR codes are a great way to combine technology and fun as well as add a new twist to raffles or competitions. QR codes can be adapted to anything from prizes and vouchers to website links and videos so the options for this are limitless. Create a QR code scavenger hunt or turn it into a tombola with each code representing a prize from big to small.

  1. Double Photo Booths

What’s better than one photo booth? Two photo booths! You could opt to have two different scenes or themes and allow guests to switch between them for different experiences. This is also a fantastic idea if you have a larger event in order to reduce waiting times  for the booth and allow more attendees to use it, ultimately giving them a better experience.

Credit: PhotoBooths of SoCal

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