17 Ways To Notch Up the Fun Factor at Your Events

  1. Guests’ View

Add disposable cameras to your tables and allow guests to take photos from their perspective and then ask for them back at the end. This is the perfect idea for larger events with a lot of tables so that you can capture all of the moments while reducing the cost of needing to hire more than one photographer who can focus on the main parts of the event.

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  1. Props

Quirky décor and props always grab attention and can be a talking point that adds fun to your event. You can do this by having intricate entrances from the beginning or try a focal point on the venue floor. Another option is to have mobile props that can move throughout the crowd to get them asking questions and interacting more.

Credit: Giant Deck Chairs

  1. Energetic Mascots

Attendee interaction lends itself to fun and using energetic mascots is particularly useful for entertaining while people wait in line, enter your event, or while they are in areas where there isn’t enough space to set up other entertainment or booths. They can also roam and make decisions on who to interact with which gives a personal experience and can help cheer up those who don’t look like they are having as much of a good time. Also, energetic mascots tend to make people gravitate towards them and are memorable. For example, at the World Athletics Championships this year, Hero the mascot made headlines for his funny and crazy antics keeping the crowd entertained throughout the event in between races.


Credit: Lee Wei Yi

  1. Tarot Reading

For some, adding a mythical or magical booth such as palm, tarot, or tea leaf reading can be more fun because of the “supernatural” element. In the same way magicians and card tricksters are popular, people also like tarot reading because they enjoy things they can’t explain. Remember, the better the reader or performer, the more of an impact they will make.

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