17 Ways To Notch Up the Fun Factor at Your Events

  1. Archery

Attendees enjoy shooting stuff and there is something about a bow and arrow that is really fun, probably because you have to put a lot of the effort into aiming, drawing, and shooting.. Including archery or other unusual sports can be a welcomed change from the usual ball games and makes attendees more likely to get involved. The downside is that it requires a lot more space to integrate into your event.

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  1. Animal Friends

Having cute pets or animals attend the event creates an awesome photo opportunity and it really stirs up the animal lovers and leaves them wanting more. A cute puppy or parrot will do all the work for you when it comes to enticing attendees to your booth.

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  1. Fairground Rides

You don’t need a full-fledged carnival to have fun at the fair. Including one or two elements can add fun and take away from any seriousness. If you have the space you can opt for something big like this Ferris wheel or for smaller, indoor spaces you could try a coconut shy or other tombola.


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  1. Oversized Games

Bring board games to life by making them bigger for more attendees to enjoy. Doing this allows you to create teams and competitions at corporate retreats as well as fun participatory activities that get everyone involved and these are classics that everyone already knows how to play. Don’t limit yourself to the obvious, you can also try dominoes, Jenga, or noughts and crosses too.

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In Conclusion

Think outside the box and show your attendees a good time by incorporating fun into your next event. Also, remember to team it with promotional opportunities such as an event hashtag so that they can easily tell all their friends. Nothing beats good publicity like genuine live reactions from guests having a good time!

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