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19 Ways To Incorporate the Pantone Color of The Year Into Your Event

By EventMB Team

So, this year, purple is the new black! Ultra Violet to be exact.

For event planners, keeping up with the current trends is important in the industry to stay competitive. Color and texture can play a vital role in transforming a venue, tablescape or atmosphere.

Each year, Pantone’s Color of the Year helps to influence color trends in the event industry and for 2018 it’s all about Ultra Violet 18-3838. Purple may seem like “just a pretty color” reserved for tea or children’s parties, but it can also be pretty powerful and make an impact in a corporate setting - if you know how to use it.

We’ve already seen the incorporation of purple hues into event schemes and themes so here’s a shout out to all those events so far that are bang on trend. Here are some fun ways to incorporate the hottest color around into your own events.


19 Ways To Incorporate the Pantone Color of The Year Into Your Event
  1. Ballroom Uplighting

Just because you have a large venue, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate color, and the easiest way to do this is by using colored lighting effects. This event maintains the purple theme by using white linens and walls as a backdrop for the colored lights to reflect on. It makes the color really vibrant and it’s easy to change throughout the event if necessary (perfect for those with commitment issues.)

Credit: Garden of Eden International, Omojesu

  1. Hanging Décor

This hanging installation combines unique colored mesh with string lights to give an immersive experience. Allowing guests to walk through this would give an ethereal feel to a space and the purple creates a tranquil atmosphere too.

  1. Textured Tablecloths

While this may not be the best idea for full table spreads to eat on these would be perfect for cocktail or welcome tables. They are more dynamic and a feature in themselves with these purple “leaves” that drape to the floor, definitely a conversation starter for networking events.

Credit: EB Inc Events

  1. Dancefloor Lanterns

We all know a canopy can make the dancefloor feel more intimate but this colorful display is something new! Combining different purple shades to look similar to floating clouds and creating their own atmospheric lighting that is stunning when it gets darker, this colorful canopy is a cool one to implement.

Credit: Standard Party Rentals

  1. Stair Bars

Looking for a way to spruce up an event stairwell? Add LED bars that project color into the space to incorporate it into your scheme and themes to keep the magic alive. Often spaces like this can be forgotten about and ruin the effect when transitioning from one room to another within the venue! Just be careful to allow guests enough light to see, particularly with stairs.

  1. Feathered Centerpieces

An array of Ultra Violet and purples are mixed in these centerpieces and even the table linen draws inspiration from them as well. The feathers are an interesting touch making them more decadent and even the liquid in the vases has been tinted in line with this rich color scheme.

Credit: YOU Events, Burlington NJ.

  1. Digital Screen Backgrounds

Creating digital projections like this can utilize large blank spaces and showcase elements to wide audiences with minimal set-up. As if this wasn’t cool enough, you can also use these projections to set the background color so that it makes the presentation more interesting.

Credit: Roameo Music

  1. Intricate Entrances

A funky entranceway to entice and intrigue your attendees that also uses color to stand out and make an impact. This entrance helps funnel visitors while also being immersive and providing interesting photo opportunities for the evening at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Credit: EventLab LLC

  1. LED Entertainment Activities

Who says entertainment can’t be themed! These hoverboards are a fun attendee activity that bring things up a notch with purple LED lights. Adding a new dimension that converts this from a day to night activity makes it more exciting and memorable.

Credit: Feeding the Fish, Bluefin Hoverboards

  1. Pastel Shades

Ultra Violet can be a powerful color so if you want something more mellow, particularly if you are trying to incorporate the unicorn trend, opt for pastel variations like this. It can create a totally different effect and dress up simple parties and outdoor events. Plus pastels are easy to pair with florals.  

Credit: Gigi Noelle Events, Corina Silva, EventWorks

  1. Agate Slice Place Cards

These beautiful natural elements give an exotic effect. An increasing trend is using calligraphy drawn gemstones or glass pieces to use as place cards that are an excellent feature talking point and a little memento for guests to take home too. These agate slices fit in perfectly and definitely give place settings the wow factor.

  1. Purple Balloon Arches

This balloon arch creates an excellent entrance way and can accentuate part of the venue or event such as drawing attention to the event prizes up for grabs or the table plan. Not only does this stunning purple arch feature different shades, it’s also got subtle corporate branding which could be a fantastic addition to sponsorship packages.

Credit: Shivoo Balloons

  1. Food & Confectionery

Incorporating colorful food takes things to the next level but with colors like Ultra Violet, unless you are going to go very unnatural, chances are you’ll struggle for options outside of cupcake frosting. These are a cool alternative that can be used at a sweet station or sprinkled on tables instead. Use alternate wrapping colors for treats, table chocolates or favors for the event because even though they are a small element, they are one that will tie everything together.

  1. Special Effects

Color schemes on a larger scale can be difficult, particularly if you have no walls to work with, like at an outdoor festival or concert. Instead, use special effects such as dry ice and smoke machines that can reflect stage lighting to create a purple mist that spreads into the audience. Another option for this is the purple powders that allow attendees to “color bomb” one another - a favourite at sporting or 5K events.

  1. Digital Backdrops

If you are looking for interchangeable backdrop options for a conference or this concert example then digital options are adaptable. As you can see here, the purple blocked archway provides an interesting backdrop that draws attention and focus to the stage.

Credit: On Track Media UK, Andy Tatt

  1. Venue Highlights

Venue selection is important for any event and if you opt for something grand for your function you want to make the most of it. Landmark venues like this won’t allow permanent fixings of any kind but highlighting certain areas can work in your favor. This event at Oxford Town Hall in the UK shows the decorated dome ceiling on full display.

Credit: TEC Oxford

  1. Confetti Filled Balloons

Add a different dynamic to balloons by having them clear and filled with either confetti, foil, balloon characters or sponsored logos and images. Filled balloons are becoming more popular, particularly because you can fill them with almost anything, and in this case, on-trend funky colors!

Credit: Hayley’s Flower Shop Adelaide

  1. Dome Entertainers

Consider an upscaled entertainment variation with this domed entertainment. This living globe can be moved and rebuilt, making it adaptable for your venue, while attendees can interact with the characters inside. It’s an excellent photo opportunity and in this example, attendees can press a button to make it snow inside.

Our Living Snow Globe performing indoors at an exclusive London venue in December. Did you know our beautiful structure dismantles to enable it to be carried inside and rebuilt? Guests interact with the snow queen character, posing for photographs and pressing the button to trigger the snowfall. It’s the only mobile living Snow Globe in the world! It twirls and gentle glides around your venue. A definite wow factor for any event. . #livingsnowglobe #outdoorarts #wintertheme #winterwonderland #illuminated #illuminatedact #luxuryevents #humansnowglobe #snowqueen #snowstorm #snowglobe #uniqueentertainment #eventprofs #eventprofsuk #eventplanner #luxuryentertainment #winterwedding #icetheme #lightupact #shoppingcentreentertainment Photo by @privatedramaevents

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Credit: The Show Globe, Private Drama Events

  1. Block Corporate Colors

At this corporate event, the table styling was inspired by a rainbow theme, heavily incorporating the purple to match and be the strong color theme. With simple but elegant place settings with purple plates and pastel linens the short floral centrepieces add a touch of untraditional color. The table really works and is a fun alternative to the usual corporate lunch set-ups.

Credit: Hello! Destination Management

In Conclusion

Stay on top of trends by incorporating the latest colors into your event palette. For this year that definitely means embracing the purple! As you can see, purple can be suitable for all events from corporate to birthdays and it’s not as difficult as you might think to embrace it.

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  • Interesting post, and some good examples of the colour purple being used quite subtly across the events.