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2022 Event Trends Summit

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Pixelated Conference Series – BarCamps

By Julius Solaris

Pixe...what??? You may be asking. This is part of a project started by Mithc Joel called Pixelated Conference Series, based on an idea by Future Now. Chris Brogan also supported it and now it's my turn.

The project: A one day full online conference with videos from top speakers about a theme, namely BarCamps in my take. As my topic is user generated conferences, what more than users themselves talking about *camps?

Let's see:

- What is a BarCamp? A great video by BarCampOrlando explaining it.

- Who started all of this? A few know that Harrison Owen started the unconference model, calling it Open Space Technology. We interviewed him on this blog, but here's a nice video

- There are obviously rules and Luke explain us how to make the most of the experience

Barcamp Rules from Luke Closs on Vimeo.

- BarCamps have also a community mission, Social Innovation Camp 2008 or ecoCampLondon a BarCamp about the environment and sustainability

- Orlando guys made a great commercial as well

BarCamp Promo from Jason Hawkins on Vimeo.

What has been discussed so far in Pixelated

- @Justinlevy - Productivity

- @chrisbrogan - Play

- @podcamptweets - PodCamp

- @AnnKingman - A virtual book

- @ChildrensCare - Creativity, Inspiration, Productivity and Success

about the author

Julius Solaris
Julius Solaris is the editor of EventManagerBlog.com, he is an international speaker, author and consultant.
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