A Framework for Planning Internal Events in a Hybrid World

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Session Summary

As organizations continue to navigate the return to in-person events, hybrid is thrown around by everyone as a way to bridge the virtual and in-person experiences, navigate uncertainty, and meet different attendee comfort levels. At the same time, hybrid events are still in an experimental stage. The virtual and in-person experiences could be fully integrated or occur at different times for different groups. There are countless ways to combine online and face-to-face experiences, and it’s crucial to design your event format with intentionality. That’s why it’s important to begin the planning process with a clear framework in mind.

Nowhere is this more true than for internal events, whether they’re company-wide meetings, sales kickoffs, or chapter meetings for an association. Employees and association members are increasingly working in hybrid environments. Who might benefit from meeting in-person, and who might be better served by a virtual event? How can both experiences be successfully integrated so you give everyone the best of both worlds?

As you look to kick off 2022, it is important you set the right tone and develop the best strategy for your company-wide meeting, sales kickoff, or association event. These events and meetings are crucial to set your organization up for success. To help you design the right strategy for your company-wide meeting, sales kickoff, or association event, this webinar will provide a framework for:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Marketing two event experiences
  • keyboard_arrow_right Creating a seamless registration process
  • keyboard_arrow_right Identifying the right venue
  • keyboard_arrow_right Deciding how and when to deliver content
  • keyboard_arrow_right Managing content production from start to finish
  • keyboard_arrow_right Designing engaging sessions
  • keyboard_arrow_right Keeping attendees engaged with an on-demand library
  • keyboard_arrow_right Building an online community
  • keyboard_arrow_right Keeping attendee data secure





    Julie Haddix is the Senior Director, Industry Solutions for Cvent, Inc. She has worked for Cvent for over 13 years and helped to build the company’s Enterprise sales and marketing divisions, including its approach to Strategic Meetings Management. Julie has also been a part of the planning team for Cvent CONNECT, Cvent’s annual user conference, leading the event marketing and content development efforts. In her current role, she oversees strategic content direction for the event marketing and management platform. Julie graduated from the McIntire School of Business at the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Commerce and concentrations in Marketing and Management. She lives in Westchester County, NY with her husband, 3-year-old son, and their new baby girl.



    Lauren is an event management professional with over 7 years of experience. Since 2016, Lauren has managed the event design, program management, and execution of some of Cvent's marquee events. Leaning heavily into event technology, she has been a key factor in the growth of the Trade Show at Cvent CONNECT, a $3+M revenue generator, where she ensures a streamlined sponsor and exhibitor experience for up to 400 exhibitors, delivering better lead generation and ROI opportunities. Lauren has also been instrumental in identifying and securing top-rated keynote talent aligned to target personas of Cvent's business and raising experience satisfaction scores since taking on the function. She also manages internal Cvent meetings, including a 1000 person Sales Kickoff, where she works hand in hand with Cvent executives to set the sales team up for success each year.


  • Angela Tupper


    Angela Tupper is the Deputy Editor of EventMB. Based in Montreal, Canada, her writing for the events industry pairs an interest in current affairs and technology with a background in B2B events. Angela he has contributed to a range of editorial pieces and research projects on EventMB and she also holds an MA in English from the University of Toronto.




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