Jenny Stanfield

Jenny Stanfield
Jenny Stanfield is the quintessential millennial; tech savvy, consumer of digital content, constantly seeking new knowledge, and passionate about her career. Jenny has the perfect combination of right brain, left brain that allows for both the creativity and critical thinking that makes the wide range of events she works on a huge success. Jenny was recently named one of PCMA’s 20 in their Twenties, recognizing her as an emerging leader in the meeting industry. Jenny has a BA in Communications and went on to pursue her passion by winning and completing a scholarship for Event Management at Oxford University. As Lead Event Producer for Engagement Unlimited, Jenny manages projects the company's top clients and has a leading vision for innovative meeting design. The #1 priority for all of her projects is that every stakeholder and participant feels engaged, included, and important.  Start a conversation with her @thejenstanfield.


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