Julius Solaris

Julius Solaris
Julius Solaris the editor of Event Manager Blog. Started in 2007, Event Manager Blog is the number one blog worldwide for event professionals, covering topics such as event planning, social media for events, event technology, event trends, event inspiration but also destination management marketing, meeting planning.   He has been named one of 25 most inflluential individuals in the Meeting Industry in 2015 by Successful Meetings Magazine. He is the author of the Annual Event Trends Report, Social Media for Events, The Event App Bible , The Good Event Registration Guide and Engaging Events. These books presented the results of unprecedented research efforts about social media, event mobile apps and event registration and ticketing providers. More than 100,000 readers have downloaded his books. Julius loves creating engaging presentations. His annual presentation “10 Event Trends” has been a Slideshare popular presentation of the month for 4 years in a row collecting over 500,000 contacts. Here is Julius’ Slideshare Channel. Julius is a speaker on event technology trends and social media for events. Read more about his speaking engagements here.


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