Christina Green

Christina Green
Christina R. Green is a digital storyteller who helps associations, chambers of commerce, and small businesses reach their audiences through valued content. Her insights have been mentioned on Associations Now and her articles have appeared in industry journals such as the Midwest Society of Association Executive's magazine. She is a regular contributor on several industry blogs. Before starting her own content creation and marketing business, Christina was the Director of Content Marketing for an association management software company. When she’s not writing, she’s speaking about the importance of great content or working with clients on establishing compelling content for their audiences. Christina enjoys being a solopreneur and hopes one day to leverage that career freedom to travel the world (or at least the country). Although she is a voracious reader, she has been known to stop reading if there are too many exclamation points used. She lives in Florida with her twin sons, and hopefully soon, a dog. Connect with her on Twitter or stop by her Facebook page and share your story. She absolutely loves a good story.