The Rise of the Smart Venue

A deep look at the most innovative features of event venues

Find out how venues across the world can help you realize your event vision.

The Rise of the Smart Venue

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A 50-event audit on hotel block pricing


22 of the most compelling innovations in experience design, sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity


400 venues reviewed

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What You'll Find Inside

Smart Venue Overview
Find out what makes a venue stand out in 2019.
Trends Analysis
22 venue innovations that are redefining events and event planning.
Expert Advice
Exclusive insights from leading event professionals.
The Rise of the Smart Venue
50 Events audited
400 Venues reviewed
22 Innovative features


The Authors

Julius Solaris is the editor of EventMB . Started in 2007, EventMB is the number one online platform worldwide for event professionals.

Julius is the founder of the Event Innovation Lab an immersive training program for Fortune 500 companies and high performance event teams.