10 Reasons Why Your Event and Social Media Don’t Mix

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I am sure you’ve heard about Social Media in the past six months. Well, that’s a bit too late as it’s been around for at least 15 years, maybe more. In 1995 I used to post on forums, chat over IRC and yeah it looked lots like Facebook. But hey since the latest fashion is here, now you think your event needs a Facebook Group. Here are few reasons to prevent you from committing Social Media suicide.

10. You haven’t got a clue

You just don’t know what this all Social Media thingy is about. Well, it’s like learning a new language. If you expect to get it in a week, you’re out of sight. Get someone to do it for you or give it some time.

9. They don’t have a clue

And by ‘they’ I mean attendees. If they don’t care, why should you? If they think Linkedin is the latest Alfa Romeo model, just don’t waste your time. Think about making a better event

8. You haven’t listened

If your attendees have talked to you about it or have been asking for it, you need to know where they are. Each target has it’s own networks. Listen first, then engage.

7. You haven’t got a Social Media Policy in place

If you run several events you need to have a standard approach to begin engagement on different platforms. That also applies internally. What are you doing to train your employees to use SM? 54% of companies ban Facebook, twitter etc. If you are among them change that first.

6. You love control

No, I am not out of my mind. It’s tough to find an event professional who’s not a control freak. I am. But you have to let it go.

5. You don’t read about best practices

Is Mashable on your Feed Reader? If you don’t know what I am talking about, start a daily reading practice. You need to get yourself updated with the latest trends, new services.

4. You think twitter is the answer

twitter is the Holy Grail of the credit crunch. The paranoid rush in getting twitter done for virtually every service on the market hasn’t spared events. twitter won’t make your event better if your event is boring. It may be of help to amplify it if you have a great format, as much as a small Ning of 200 people can. So don’t focus on one network because you heard it on TV. Know your options.

3. The maximum technology you embrace is printed badges

There is plenty of technology you can adopt to make your event better. Technology and Social Media go hand in hand. If you don’t innovate with technology you won’t get any SM benefit. Have a look at our Event Technology category or read about Augmented Reality, which is gonna change events for good.

2. You think ‘BarCamp’ is a cool pub down the road

Social Media help new, innovative forms of events. Unconferences and user generated events above all. We have been writing about this for the past 3 years. Time to do some research.

1. Your event is not worth talking about

If it’s no good concept, neither SM or traditional media will help you out. Read Seth Godin every day, that will help a lot.

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  • JeffHurt

    Here’s an 11th reason: You are too worried about using the right words, saying the right thing that’s best for your brand and using the right logo that you become paralyzed before you even start.

    And guess what, your attendees are talking about your event in social media whether you want them to or not! Give it up and let go of the control. You didn’t control your attendees or your brand in the first place. So you might as well get involved in the conversation!

  • Thanks Jeff as always!

  • hellenbeveridge

    If I had a pound for every time a client says 'I've got a facebook/twitter page'…

    In their mind just by doing it they are guaranteed success. Then you ask them the two pithy questions:
    Does your audience use these media for the purposes you are peddling.
    When did you last update them?

    The answers are generally:
    Well probably not for the purposes we are using them, and

    some time last month


  • I feel your pain Hellen! Engaging is much more than having a website,
    a community or a Twitter page. How are you inolbed in your community
    may e a good question to ask!

Julius Solaris
Editor, Julius Solaris

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