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  • Delivering Outstanding Event Experiences in the New Era of Events

    Your guide to the most up-to-date best practices for events in 2022

  • Virtual Event Tech Guide 2022

    Your guide to virtual event tech in 2022

  • Guide to Event Engagement

    The most up-to-date guide on effective event engagement.

  • Mobile Event App Guide

    Your Guide to Mobile Event Apps in 2022

  • The Playbook for the Return to In-Person Events

    The playbook on overcoming the top 10 challenges of today’s in-person events.

  • Event Tech Integration Made Simple: The Event Planner’s Guide

    The event planner’s guide to event tech integration

  • Experience Design Report

    Your guide to designing better event experiences

  • Hybrid Event Evolution Guide

    The fundamental guide to designing hybrid events

  • Event Tech Innovation Report

    What's new and what's hot in event tech
    Stay up-to-date on event tech! Top experts deliver the latest updates and strategies for maximizing engagement and ROI.

  • The Event App Bible 2021

    Your guide to event apps in a hybrid world

  • The Future of the Event Industry 2021

    Expert insights in all sectors from tech and trade shows to security and sustainability.

  • The State of the Event Industry

    Survey-backed insights into top event industry trends.

  • Virtual Event Tech Playbook

    Top expert advice on virtual events.

  • The Hybrid Event Revolution

    Bridging the gap between in-person and virtual audiences

  • The Future of the Event Industry

    A plan of action to navigate challenging times

  • The Future of AV in Corporate Events

    6 Trends AV Event Professionals Should Follow in 2020

  • Managing the Virtual Experience

    Elevate Your Virtual Events to Experiences

  • Pivot to Virtual 2020

    Your guide to successful virtual events in 2020

  • The Role of Events in Growing Association Membership

    Your Guide to Successful Association Events
    Practical tips to grow membership with events

  • The New Rules of Attendee Engagement

    Your guide to engaging attendees in 2020

  • The Business of Internal Events

    Explore the landscape of internal events
    Your trusted EventMB research team brings you the latest stats and trends in internal events

  • State of Event Technology

    Event technology that drives the industry
    Event technology at every stage of the planning process and all the trends to watch in 2020

  • The Future of Event Sponsorship

    Change your sponsorship packages now
    Make sponsorship work for your event AND your sponsors.

  • The Year of Imagination

    Change Your Event Today with 50+ Actionable Tips
    An analysis of 350 events to bring you the most innovative practices for 2020

  • The Rise of the Smart Venue

    A deep look at the most innovative features of event venues
    Find out how venues across the world can help you realize your event vision.

  • The Science of Experience Design

    Science-backed advice to design event experiences
    Science-backed strategies for better event experiences

  • Transforming Your Career: from Event Planner to Event Strategist

    Elevate your career. Become an Event Strategist.
    The tactics and tools you need to further your career in events.

  • Event Storytelling Playbook

    How to use storytelling to create experiences, not events.
    Use the power of stories to drive loyalty, action, and better event experiences.

  • The Event App Bible 2020

    Everything you need to leverage event apps as you pivot to virtual events

  • State of Event Sponsorship

    The most comprehensive research on what event planners sell in their sponsorship packages
    Find out the most popular sponsorship items event planners sell in their packages in Tech, Finance, Luxury and Healthcare markets.

  • Work-Life Balance for Event Planners

    A report for every eventprof who strives for a healthier work-life balance.
    Offering practical advice, tools, and suggestions, we gather coping strategies and approaches from some of the most respected names in the event industry.

  • 10 Event Trends for 2021

    The top 10 trends defining the event industry in 2021

  • The Power of Events

    Start Changing Your Event Today
    Not all events are created equal. Some events leave a long-lasting legacy. This report explores 29 events that have made a difference.

  • The Event Tech Bible 2018

    Event technology has changed events forever.
    The Eventtech Bible is the essential point of reference for modern event professionals who want to use technology strategically to achieve event objectives.

  • Event Management Software Guide

    Learn how to use event management software to run better events.
    The only tool you need to plan better events with event management software

  • Engaging Events 2016

    Engaging Events 2016
    A free report on how to use interactive event technology to create successful, memorable and enduring experiences.

  • The Venue of the Future

    The Venue of the Future
    A free report for event planners about selecting, negotiating and working successfully with event venues.

  • Social Media for Events

    Social Media for Events
    The complete and free resource to successfully implement Social Media at Events. 130 pages of research, tools, tips and resources to start using social media at your event today.

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