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5 Ways Technology Is Changing Event Planning [Video]

By Julius Solaris

In this new video we talk about five core processes of event planning that are changing due to event technology.

Five things we do in events today are not going to be the same again because technology is changing them. Here is what you need to know!

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5 Ways Technology Is Changing Event Planning [Video]

Video Transcript

Five things we do in events today are not going to be the same again because technology is changing them. Here is what you need to know!

What’s up folks, welcome to another EventMB video, I am Julius Solaris, your editor and today I want to talk to you about five core processes of planning events that are changing due to eventtech.

I am not going to spend time saying how tech is changing the world we live in, you know the drill. Let me share with you some big changes coming your way soon.

Venue Inspections

Venue inspection by virtual reality (VR) is a reality in the event industry. Don’t make me waste time coming to your venue to have a look around if I am not yet sure of what I want. Spending time at venues should happen only when you are already out there in the process. Unless you want to have a free drink out of the office, VR is a great alternative. See the venue in action, turn around and see what the space has to offer. Once you have a shortlist, go there in person and see it again.

Untrained Temp Staff

There is a lot you can achieve with an artificial intelligence powered chatbot. You will never replace having people there, but can you address some of the most recurring questions via a chatbot? Of course you can! Actually attendees will feel more inclined to share more feedback when they talk in a chat. You can then access all that feedback and refer back when the event is over. Cool huh?

Check-in Personnel

Beacons and facial recognition are speeding up the check-in process at large events. Eventually, they will change the way we access highly crowded environments. Airlines are betting heavily on facial recognition to check in. There is a lot to expect there and what we are used to now won’t be the same in a few years.


Raising your hand and waiting for a runner with a microphone to reach you at the end of the room will soon be gone forever. Whether it is a throwable mic, an app to ask questions anonymously or social media walls - we have way more interactive ways to get the room involved and get them to connect with the content being presented.

Live Interpreters

Having interpreters live at a show may soon be a thing of the past. Having interpreters connected remotely through apps and having the attendees connected to translation via their smartphone is the way forward in terms of how we can accommodate attendees who don’t speak the language. Much cheaper and more convenient. A winning combination for events.

In Conclusion

Things are changing fast in events my friends. It’s time to get yourself updated with the latest tools that can save you money and bring value to your team or to attendees. These are just five of the many, many tools that will bring change to the industry.

That’s it for me today. If you enjoyed this video, I demand you give us a like, it would mean the world. Also, subscribe to get some more great content!

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