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Will Telepresence Change the Meetings Industry?

By Julius Solaris

This post is by Kena - She is @KenaSiu on twitter.

Telepresence is reshaping the world of telecoferencing, with a real time rendering hard to match.

What is Telepresence?

Telepresence is a group of technologies aimed at connecting people far apart instantly with a superbly real time rendering. It consists on a combination of multiple high-definition monitors, cameras, microphones, speakers and custom-made studios. It brings the concept of a video conference forward, revolutionizing interaction.

What's the trend?

According to Frost & Sullivan Telepresence will grow immensely through 2013 due to the use of new technologies and the need to be connected with colleagues, partners and customers in an instant offering a great human interaction.

Who offers it?

There are several corporations inn the market such a Cisco, Hewlett-Packard (Halo), Telanetix (Video Telepresence), Polycom or Sony (3D Telepresence). Since the need of connectivity keeps growing constantly several organizations like Marriott and Starwood hotels have already made partnership with vendors to improve their business offering.


Besides giving the illusion of being in the same room, capturing the body language and giving less exhaustion to users, Telepresence offers much more benefits such as:

- Real time connectivity
- Instant connection
- Sharp sound
- Quality, size and clarity of images
- Doesn't bother and stress with unwanted latency
- Increases productivity
- Enhances communication

Tell us about your experience

Have you used Telepresence in your meetings? How do you think it will affect the industry?

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