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53% Of Eventprofs Struggle To Secure Sponsors [Free Report]

By Julius Solaris

Our latest report on The Future of Event Sponsorship highlights the increasing struggle event professional have in securing sponsors. Is it a problem with events or has event sponsorship evolved? Download our latest free report to find out.

If you subscribed to EventMB, you may have received an email from me asking you "what is your main struggle with events?" Many, many of you indicated sponsorship as one of the issues. That was the main reason that drove us to investigate the matter further.

As part of our latest report, in collaboration with our friends at ACTIVE Network Virtual Event Bags, we have unveiled many of the problems event professionals face today when embarking in sponsorships. More than that, we have given you solutions to implement the correct strategy and use the best tech tools to achieve your objectives.

I am very proud of this report. I believe it solves a pressing issue that the industry is facing, while giving you honest, concise and practical advice on how to implement effective sponsorship programs.

53% Of Eventprofs Struggle To Secure Sponsors [Free Report]

The Future of Event Sponsorship

Here is an overview of what you will find in the report:

  • The Motivations for Event Sponsorship
  • How to Secure Event Sponsors
  • Keep Sponsors Happy and Coming Back
  • 10 Step Sponsorship Checklist
  • The Biggest Frustrations Event Planners Have with Sponsorship
  • The Benefits of Using Technology as Part of Your Sponsor Programs
  • 14 Exciting Tech Sponsorship Opportunities

Whether you are an experienced event professional or a newbie, you will find this report extremely valuable. Sponsorship is changing, the rules of the game are changing. The Future of Event Sponsorship will give you the usual dose of clarity, in a sea of confusion.

Grab your copy now.

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