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The Power of Events [Free Report]

By Julius Solaris


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Not all events are created equal. Some events leave a long-lasting legacy. This report explores 29 events that made a difference.

Events have the power to change the world.

We researched over 350 global events to find the best examples of events that have made an impact for individuals, communities, a nation or an industry.

29 of the best event stories are presented in this report.


Do Your Events Make a Difference?

As part of our partnership with the IMEX Group we are pleased to launch this major research report focusing on the theme of ‘Legacy’, the IMEX Talking Point for 2018.

Event planners know the short and long-term results that events can have. This report identifies and scrutinizes a cross-section of events that have had a positive, disrupting or life-changing impact. These events share lessons that we can all adopt today for our own projects.

The case studies focus on six core areas:

Meeting Design: Events that changed the way we design events forever

Marketing: Events that turned how we do event marketing upside down

Technology: Events that used technology strategically to make an impact

Sponsorship: Brands and events that reinvented the value proposition of sponsorships and activations

Generational: Events that made a long-lasting impact for future generations

Sustainability: Events that wanted to have a positive impact on the host community

Start Changing Up Your Events Today

Read this report if you want to:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Get inspired by eventprofs. Achieve traditional event objectives in unconventional ways.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Learn from inspiring examples. Apply the same success to your own events.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Take a bold approach. See better impact and long-term results.


In Conclusion

All event planners strive to run the best events they can and smash their event objectives but events have the power to achieve so much more.

We can make a difference.

Download your free copy of the report today.

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