ticketscript: the New ticketshop has Landed [Review]

ticketscript have recently launched their new ticketshop, which is optimized for mobile ticket purchasing and works with your event brand. Here is our review.

ticketscript: the New ticketshop has Landed [Review]

ticketshop: What Is It?

The new ticketshop is the front end ticketing platform that can be integrated with an event website (including WordPress), mobile site and/or Facebook page to sell tickets to an event directly to customers, with no third party ticketing agent involved. ticketshop integrates fully with your event branding and adapts according to the location, and the device.

Mobile media time is now greater than desktop and other media and rising. In 2015 51% of US Internet usage was via a smartphone. It is vital that event managers are offering responsive sites and easy ticket purchasing options, regardless of whether customers are purchasing via a smartphone, tablet or desktop, otherwise ticket sales will be lost.

In 2015 ticketscript noticed that 50% of traffic to their client’s ticketshops were from mobile, accessed from over 5k different devices and they decided to rebuild their platform to ensure it is fully mobile ready and that customers can have the best possible experience regardless of how they are viewing and purchasing. Thanks to this forward thinking attitude ticketscript have built an intelligent ticket purchasing platform which is quick and easy and not compromised, even if using a phone or phablet.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Main Categories of Features Are:

Responsive. Whether customers are viewing your event from their smartphone, phablet, tablet or desktop they can view, purchase, share and access tickets intelligently to suit the device.

Branding and Social Sharing. The ticketshop integrates seamlessly with the look and feel of your brand and encourages social sharing and interaction.

Local Experience. The currency, language, payment settings and data adapts automatically based on location to enable event planners to reach a larger audience of potential buyers.




With many ticketing platforms you have to adapt and shoehorn your event branding into a set design template, which can be limiting and far from ideal. The ticketshop is fully customizable to fit into your design so event planners can sell directly from their own sales channels, which customers know and trust. The ticketshop integrates via an iframe. If you don’t have a mobile optimized website the ticketshop can be opened full screen or ticketscript can support you in making your site responsive. Even the tickets are customizable.

Intelligent Processing

The ticketshop is optimal to be accessed from mobile devices. The payment method adapts to the situation, so if booking via Chrome and payment details are saved it will just ask for the CVC to make the checkout process as speedy as possible. If tickets are booked via an iOS device it stores in Apple Wallet and on Android devices Google Now will automatically display the ticket on the date and when you are close to the location of the event.

The ticketshop automatically detects the language of the user from their browser and translates to English, Dutch, German, Spanish and French. Currently there is no Italian translation, although this will be added soon. Not only does the language respond intelligently, the currency, payment methods, data fields and terms and conditions also update to the requirements and expectations of the attendee. For example it will change the form details for a UK customer to put the postcode field at the end of the data collection form, rather than earlier as for other European countries and will add the extra terms and conditions that is required by law for attendees from Germany. It also changes the payment options to suit the most popular payment methods for each country, for example Ideal in the Netherlands and GiroPay in Germany. Detail such as this is reassuring to the customer and one less thing for the event planner to worry about, as well as opening up the possibility of greater cross border sales. American event planners will however be disappointed as the platform isn’t yet optimized for the US market and doesn’t accept US dollars at this stage, although this is planned for the future.


The integration through Facebook events and pages is a real positive. Facebook Connect can be used for the attendee to easily complete their required details for the order, it encourages attendees to ‘like’ your fan page and to share that they are attending the event. They can also see who else is attending through their network. Although this would have minimal effect for a B2B event if you organize public and consumer events Facebook is probably an essential marketing channel for you.

The ticketshop isn’t suitable for events with allocated seating, such as theatre tickets, as no seating plan integration is available. It can however be used for events with seating offered on a first come first served basis, such as comedy nights and film showings. In my opinion this product is best fit for cooler public events with a mobile savvy audience, such as festivals, gigs, exhibitions and club nights.


The ticketshop is free to event planners. How it works is that the service charge is passed directly onto the ticket buyer at 10% of the face value of the ticket, with a minimum charge of £1 for UK users. For this reason though you cannot use this platform for free events, only for fee-paying events. Payment of ticket revenue is not paid until one day after the event as standard, which could cause cash flow issues and be off putting for many event planners. For larger events this may however be negotiated so it is worth talking to ticketscript directly both about service fees and payment terms.


The ticketshop is powered by Amazon Web Services for maximum performance and reliability. It is agile and enables capacity to be scaled up or down in a matter of minutes, as demand changes. During the first few hours of high-demand ticket sales their servers replicate data reliably with very low latency, which means that you can sell more tickets even for high demand events and in theory sell out faster. If demand outstrips supply ticket buyers will be held in a queue until the transaction can proceed.

The download page (once the ticket sale is completed) is aimed at celebrating the purchase and encouraging sharing with their friends via social media. I liked that if the sale is completed via a mobile device this is automatically detected and the option to share via Whatsapp automatically appears.




  • The shop is hyper responsive, automatically adapting to your customers’ choice of platform and device
  • It offers payment methods ticket buyers expect, including PayPal. This allows for one-click-payments, shortening the payment process.
  • Tickets are delivered via e-mail for use as a mobile ticket, in mobile wallets such as Google Now or Apple Wallet, or to print.
  • Seamless user experience whether purchasing via smart phone, phablet, tablet or desktop.

Branding and Social Sharing

  • Stay on brand. The ticketshop allows you to seamlessly integrate your brand look and feel into every step of the purchase process including within iframe integrations, mobile apps, Facebook Fan pages and the custom design of your tickets.
  • Customers will experience the shop as your shop, increasing trust and giving reassurance to purchase.
  • The new ticketshop empowers your audience to share easily on social media and help the event planner to market the event.
  • Attendees can see who’s attending, RSVP, ‘like’ your Fan page, tweet, and share direct ticket links via WhatsApp.
  • Sharing options adapt to all devices increasing the likelihood of peer-to-peer recommendations.

Local Experience

  • The ticketshop recognizes location and adapts accordingly.
  • It supports all major European currencies, languages and payment methods.
  • Increases likely conversion by giving your customers a localized and familiar purchasing experience.
  • Enables you to build a larger audience by cross-border selling.

Who Is It For?

The ticketshop is aimed at non-seated, paying events located within Europe. It is particularly suitable for those organizing festivals, gigs, exhibitions, fairs, club nights and other public events.

Pros and Cons


  • No charges to the event planner – free to use.
  • Works with your event brand – no compromise in terms of the look and feel of your event site.
  • Opens up the possibility of cross border sales.
  • Encourages attendees to share details of the event with their peers via social media and WhatsApp.


  • Not suitable for seated or free (non fee paying) events.
  • Revenue from ticket sales isn’t paid out until the day after the event.
  • Italian translation isn’t yet supported.
  • Not optimized for the US market and payments in $ USD not currently accepted.


Pricing and Plans

The ticketshop is free for event planners, with no hidden charges.

In Conclusion

The ticketshop from ticketscript is a well built tool to enable you to sell more tickets for public events. It’s versatility in terms of responding to the device used and the location of the customer is very impressive and it is easy to understand how this could maximize conversion rates on your ticket sales. US event planners and Italian customers will be disappointed that it isn’t optimized for them yet but European planners should consider using this tool. Find out more and sign up for a free account here.


Disclosure: Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. If you have any question please use the contact us section.

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