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The Top 5 Webinars for the Event Industry in 2017

By EventMB Team

Every month, different industry experts have delivered presentations on key topics of interest to event planners. These free webinars offer the chance to explore topics in greater depth, offering top takeaways and tips.

What’s more - if you are looking to gain CMP credits, watching the webinars is a great way to do so!

In case you missed them, here are five of the top webinars of 2017, available to watch on demand.


The Top 5 Webinars for the Event Industry in 2017


Event Sponsorship: 10 Tips to Craft the Perfect Proposal

In this webinar, we share how to craft the perfect event sponsorship proposal, with practical advice from an expert who has worked with some of the largest global brands.

Whether you are an experienced event planner or writing your first pitch, f you are struggling to get potential sponsors to respond to your proposals and drive more revenue for your events this is essential viewing.


  • How to get into the mind of a potential sponsor
  • Tips on how to “break in” and get noticed by a potential sponsor
  • How to understand a potential sponsor’s hot buttons
  • How to craft the perfect sponsorship activation proposal
  • What NEVER to do when it comes to communicating with a sponsor

Watch this free webinar.

How To Get Your Event Website Noticed

Your website is integral to your event marketing and sales so you need to ensure that it is getting noticed for the right reasons and sending out the right messages.

This webinar advises how to audit and improve your conversion rate and shares an online sales funnel that is proven to increase website conversions by adding trust signals.

Here are 5 takeaways you will get from the webinar:

  • Website Trust: What most websites get psychologically wrong about trust
  • Attention: How to build brand trust even before your first website visit
  • Interest: Entertain and educate first-time visitors
  • Desire: Turn first-time visitors into repeat visitors
  • Action: How to close a sale or action via your website

Watch this free webinar.

10 Trends In Experiential Marketing

This webinar explores the latest trends to engage your guests and make your brand resonate with your participants.

Today’s event attendees need so much more than pretty linens and fragrant centerpieces; they crave an experience. As event planners, we are no longer looking for placid attendees or guests, we want to inspire modern participants who expect to play an active role in the event process. For maximum results, participants need to feel, touch and understand the reason behind their participation.

Find out:

  • what exciting events are doing in experiential
  • the role of technology in experiential events and how can you make the most out of it
  • cutting-edge tactics to get the wow factor

Watch this free webinar.

How To Use Video For Event Marketing: Before, During & After

This webinar shares how to use video to drive event awareness and boost attendance. It explores major trends and discusses best practices for successfully incorporating video into your event strategy.

Video is one of the most powerful and effective storytelling and digital marketing tools of our time. With live-streaming, VR, 360 video, and AR, you can offer attendees a fully immersive experience – whether they are in the room with you or not.


  • How to leverage the latest trends in video for your next event.
  • Best practices for publishing, distributing and promoting event-related videos.
  • How to squeeze more out of your event video assets
  • How to drive attendance with targeted video advertising
  • How immersive video is reshaping the event experience
  • How to optimize video across your website and social media

Watch this free webinar.

Master Event Marketing: the Prequel, the Sequel, and the Show

Marketing, like event planning, is a creative exercise. You must plan, execute, and adjust. Marketing is not one task or even a series of tasks before the event. It is an ongoing commitment to your event to keep your attendees engaged. This webinar will help you understand the steps and the tools necessary to reach your desired audience and keep them interested before, during, and after your event.

Find out how to:

  • Identify and appeal to your ideal audience.
  • Personalize your marketing approach for greater effectiveness.
  • Evolve your event story before, during, and after.
  • Automate where you can and where you can’t; saving time without sacrificing relationships.
  • Stay connected between events and the value of doing so

Watch this free webinar.

In Conclusion

Hungry for more? Access all of our #embwebinars here.

Stay tuned - we also have some fantastic topics lined up to explore in 2018.

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