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The Top 10 Videos for Event Planners

By EventMB Studio Team

Video content is quickly becoming an essential for every event. It is also an essential and modern way to consume content in an easy to digest and convenient format.


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Last year, we launched the EventMB Youtube channel with the aim to share video content to help event planners to be even more successful.

Fast forward to today and we now have over 4k subscribers and almost 200k views across our 50 videos.

We selected 10 of the most popular videos, that every event planner needs to see, to share with you.



The Harsh Realities of Being An Event Planner

Event management is hard, time consuming, and detailed work. No task is below a great Event Planner, and if you want to have a successful career in the event industry, these are The Harsh Realities of Being an Event Planner that you really need to think about.


The Event Planner's Travel Chronicles: Anaheim

Anaheim isn’t just about Disney, there's a lot going on which makes it a perfect destination for event planners. There has been a strong investment in creating incredible state-of-the-art facilities and a fantastic local business scene that influences every event happening. This video explores what Anaheim can offer, with top tips for event planners.


Corporate event ideas

The 5 Hottest Trends in Corporate Events

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself in the event industry is to always be on trend and full of ideas to put you ahead of the competition. Staying up-to-date and offering your clients exciting options before they’ve even heard of them will keep you at the top of their event planner list. Here are 5 things that are hot in corporate events right now.


Event Technology: 5 Tools to Use at Your Next Conference

Event technology has evolved massively and if your objective is increasing engagement of your attendees, or the ROI of your sponsors, there are definitely tools available that you should consider using for your next event. Conferences definitely should not be boring. Here are 5 ideas for tech to keep your boss and sponsors happy.


5 eventtech trends for 2018

The Top 5 Event Technology Trends to Watch in 2018

This video explores the technology that is going to make an impact in 2018. We are not looking at something that’s going to be implemented in 50 years time. Who cares about that? You care about next year, making your attendees happy, and working with technology that is going to change and make your events better. Here are the tools that are going to make an impact.

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Conference Speakers

The way you handle content has become one of the most important factors in how we evaluate conferences. The relationship you have with your speakers directly defines the outcome of your event. Here are the 5 most effective tactics and strategies to correctly manage speakers at events.


5 Times Event Tech Saved My Event

Event technology is one of the most exciting things that ever happened to the event industry, yet some people still think it’s a waste of money. In this video we share 5 moments when technology saved our events.


get event planning experience

5 Ways to Get Event Planning Experience

Experience is everything in event planning. Gaining more event experience is the best thing you can do to become a more successful and confident event professional. Jumping into the deep end as an eventprof without the experience and training that you need can be disastrous for your events, your clients and your reputation. Before you go at it alone, focus on these 5 Ways to Gain Event Planning Experience.


Events: The Ultimate FOMO Generator

Nobody likes to be left out of the action. That gut feeling that you are out of the loop or your friends are experiencing something that you’ll never be a part of. In this video, we talk about how to harness the power of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to engage future attendees by making them SO upset they couldn’t attend, that they’d never think of not coming to your event again.


The Three T’s of Being A Successful Event Planner

As event professionals, we’re the wizards behind the curtain, making sure that everything is running smoothly and pulling all the levers backstage from behind the scenes. There are thousands of small details that event planners have to manage with every single event and in order to do so, there are three key things that they need to have in order to be successful. We like to call them the three Ts of every successful event professional.



Thank you to everyone that has watched, liked and subscribed to our video channel. We have lots more exciting video content lined up for you.

What specific video content would you like to see from EventMB? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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