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The Event Planner’s Travel Chronicles: Anaheim

By Julius Solaris

This is the start of a brand new project at EventMB. We are showcasing some of the best experiences you can have at destinations around the world. With little marketing talk and an adventurous spirit, join us to visit some of the most exciting destinations to host your event. First stop: Anaheim.

I am very excited to bring you a fresh new product here at EventMB. You know we like video content a lot and I spend hours and hours watching videos of travel bloggers exploring the most amazing places around the world. Well, why have we not got something like this for the event industry? Destinations play a major role in the outcome of events, yet most of the video material (other than some interesting exceptions) seem to be made of interminable interviews or live footage from PR events. Booooooring.

We can do better than that. Now bear with me, as this is the first video and I am a Youtuber in the making. I had a blast in Anaheim, experiencing some of the most inspiring venues and experiences, in the area best-known for Disney. We visit the top spots to consider when planning your next event there or considering Anaheim as a destination. No wonder VidCon just happened there.

This video is a different product from our usual Youtube channel fix. It is more of a story. It’s a longer and beefier watch. The thing is that if you really want to know more about a destination, reading about it on paper, or just listening to a sales person at an industry event, won’t cut it.

My objective is to bring some life back to destinations, showcase some of the unique experiences they can offer and give you some tricks to make your event successful while you watch.

It’s our first attempt, so be gentle, but allow me to thank the incredible folks at Visit Anaheim for their incredible support. Here is a list of the experiences and venues featured.

  • Anaheim Convention Center
  • Unsung Brewing Co
  • House of Blues Anaheim
  • The Anaheim Packing House
  • The Blind Rabbit
  • Anaheim Marriott Hotel
  • The Escape Bus

Here is the video:

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoy our very first adventure to give a voice back to destinations. If you are a destination and would like to host us for future videos, get in touch here.

I will work on more Guy Fieri moves for my next one, so stay tuned.

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