Used Event Stuff: Bring it On!

This post is by Julius Solaris, your Editor in Chief. He is @tojulius on twitter .

We just discovered and we loved it.


Better late than never, we stumbled upon Used Event Stuff (thanks @carmenhere for the tip).

Well we all know we produce an awful lot of waste with our events, specially the big fat exhibitions.

Here is their take:

We have seen the waste that is endemic to the industry: beautiful, usable goods thrown out at curbside at the end of the night. Nobody wants to waste all those goods, but designers and clients can no longer afford to keep or re-use materials because the price of storage is so high.

It is not just a waste economically, but is an environmental burden, as much of these usable goods wind up in a landfill. From beautiful event to garbage heap, taking decades or centuries to break down

Start thinking about it naughty boys and get involved!

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