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Virtual Event Platform Comparison

By EventMB Studio Team

Finding the best virtual event platform is the most common problem event planners have today.

We looked at the best virtual event platforms to bring you a comparison of how they stack up.

If you want to quickly skim through some of the most popular online event platforms, use the filters below.

If you prefer an in-depth analysis and detailed comparison charts of the most popular virtual event software, download a copy of our Virtual Event Tech Guide.

Here are the features you can skim through:

  • Price: Free virtual event platforms to $500 platforms, $500 to $1,000, $1,000 to $5,000, $5,000 to $10,000, and above $10,000
  • Engagement features: Which platforms offer virtual event engagement features?
  • Sponsorship features: Which platforms offer sponsorship features?
  • Networking features: Which platforms offer networking features?

Is engagement one of your top KPIs? Hubilo’s hybrid event platform includes our engagement cloud which houses the industry’s largest suite of engagement features. Deep engagement, paired with a 24/7 SWAT Team of support and limitless branding opportunities ensures exceptional event execution every time, with Hubilo.

Cathy Song Novelli
SVP, Marketing & Communications, Hubilo

Virtual Event Platform Comparison


Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual & hybrid events platform that empowers event organizers and marketing professionals to create authentic human connections and drive sustainable growth. As a leading event technology platform, Accelevents is redefining the way brands connect with their audiences with a user-friendly yet robust set of customizable features.


Engage your attendees. Integrated event apps for event communication, interaction and participation via live polling. Synchronised event website.


Attendify’s virtual events platform provides an end-to-end, multi-screen solution that amplifies your content and adapts to your attendees networking goals. Set up a seamless registration workflow, manage session registration and leverage our mobile app for a true multi-screen experience. Best of all, the platform is easy to set up and manage with our self-service tools and transparent pricing.

Azavista Engagement App

Solution providing event planners to move events online. It’s connected to several 3rd party remote conferencing services, but based on the existing Azavista technology. Event planners can also use all of the features of regular event management tool (participant management, email marketing, registration, ticketing...). Also, it provides engagement and networking features, and advanced reporting for every part of this solution.

Bizzabo Virtual Experience Solution

Elevate your events to new heights and reach the full potential of audience engagement anywhere, at any scale. With powerful event management capabilities, high-quality broadcasts and live streams, and comprehensive networking tools, you can provide your audience with impactful and engaging experiences, wherever they are.


Bizzyou is a Business Community Platform for online and live events. To power up online and live events with Full member profiles + Opportunity showcases + Business matchmaking + Messaging + 1on1 Video call meetings + Personal agenda. To expend attendee engagement beyond events and open up new revenue streams with Attendee privileges + Memberships + Sponsor ads.

Boomset Virtual Event Platform

Create an end-to-end experience with Boomset for virtual and hybrid events. The virtual solution includes registration, native streaming, content download, live chat/polling/Q&A, gamification, access control, 1-1 video or messaging. The exhibitor management feature allows exhibitors or sponsors to virtually scan leads and connect in real-time on the web platform or mobile event app.

Certain Digital

With Certain, you can create a dynamic virtual attendee experience. An experience that creates interactive engagement that leads to attendee insights that you can capture and use to power your marketing and sales campaigns.

Channel Edge Online Events

Online video resources accessible 24/7 with a varied range of topics/modalities to diversify your learning. Onlinevents gives you reassurance that your professional development continues no matter what.


Engage virtually with your audience, gather metrics and encourage networking with Conbop. Best in class features: gamification, surveys, chat.

Connect Space

Online Registration, Livestreaming, Private Virtual Matchmaking, Smart Forms, and Reporting all connected to a Mobile App.


End to end Event & conference Management solution from your trusted event technology partner. Our online platforms will help you to increase your operational efficiency & manage event effectively and our range of services allows you to grow your business.

converve digital event platform

Converve is an all-in-one event platform focused on creating impactful B2B connections via algorithm driven networking for on-site, virtual and hybrid events. The platform allows organizers to cover their entire event workflow: create an event website, custom registration forms, marketing activities, matchmaking and networking, and in-app solutions for video meetings and live-streaming.”


Manage the filming remote or in person, speaker management, fully branded production, stream directly to the app with full attendee engagement tools (eg. live polling, Q&A) as well as all of our other standout app features.


Crowdpurr is an Audience Engagement Platform that helps you create amazing interactive mobile-driven experiences for your live or virtual events... for Free!

Crystal Jam

JAM sessions have a short live component of typically 120 minutes to ensure participant engagement. JAM incorporates proven techniques to accelerate the live meeting process while ensuring participants have time to consume the requisite information.

Cvent Virtual Event Center

When you can’t meet in person, Cvent can support your event marketing and management needs. Use our virtual meeting management platform to get the most out of your online events.


Easy integration of an external web conferencing platform in the event management process (communication/registration/automatic remote check-in). Live engagement (surveys, Q&A, Polls) and web/native app.


The Duuzra Virtual Platform allows you to reach your global audience instantly, creating a live interactive experience outside of a traditional event venue.

EReg Virtual Ticketing

Epsilon Registration can now help you with your virtual meetings, too. Our new VTixtm Virtual Ticketing system lets you sell non-sharable Virtual Tickets to your virtual events, and “collect” them automatically as attendees arrive. Live stream your awards ceremony, training session, or conference material and rest assured that only paid ticket holders can attend.

ERVirtual Conference

EventRebels virtual stream engine is powered by Zoom®, the leader in virtual streaming technology. Our erCEU add-on makes it easy to issue certificates and CEUs for your virtual event attendees. Now’s the time to pivot from on-site conferences and meetings to full virtual experiences at no additional software cost to you.

evenito webevents

Virtual End-to-End Platform (live streaming, registration, etc.) Are you planning to host your next event online? evenito offers you more than just a webinar solution. With evenito webevents we help you build a professional & on-brand guest experience.


Eventboost is an all-in-one event management software and online registration platform enabling event professionals to run successful events.


The best event management software, from event registration systems to mobile event apps. The user-friendly and budget-friendly future of event tech. All the technology you need before, during and after your event. Unified data (for greater insight). Unrivalled usability and integration.


Registration is a critical component of both in-person and virtual events. As a nationally recognized registration technology leader, eventcore is able to offer a multitude of features to streamline and enhance your virtual event


Eventdrive seamlessly engages participants in hybrid and virtual events through an online event management platform. Wherever your participants are make sure they will enjoy the event on your mobile app. While gathering all the main info about the event, the app also engages participants from distance through interactive services. Make your participants virtually meet up by activating the networking option.


Free mobile app to manage your event! Engage your audience with live questions, live polls, a feedback tool and a newsfeed with push notifications.


Manage all of your virtual events & webinars at enterprise scale. EventGeek enables enterprises with hundreds of virtual events & webinars to register attendees, collaborate across teams and report ROI.


Comprehensive and easy-to-use attendees management platform designed for all professional event planners.

EventMobi Virtual Space

When you worry a webinar will not be enough, the EventMobi Virtual Space is your branded online events venue. This self-serve and hybrid-ready platform comes with all the networking and engagement features you need. Accessible on any device, the Virtual Space is an open, agnostic platform that allows you to stream from any webinar or livestream solution.

EventPilot Virtual

The EventPilot® conference app already incorporates in one location all your session content, speaker information, abstracts, sponsors, etcAll your session content, speaker information, abstracts, sponsors, etc. Furthermore, you can control access to your virtual content via the authentication included in your app.

EventRocks - Web & Mobile platform

Professional solution for virtual events. Moving events online without compromising on the ambience, networking, or sponsor contribution. Steer your audience’s attention, increase involvement, organize effective networking, and create impressive sponsor integrations.

eventScribe Live

Collect, manage, and share digital conference and trade show content using the eventScribe Live online events platform. Made for hybrid, virtual, and digital events.

Eventsforce Virtual Content Delivery (VCD)

Enterprise event management software helping you deliver your sessions online and engage with audiences in the same way you would for your inperson events. Drive attendance, manage payments and collect all your event data in one place. Make things easy for your remote attendees too – with tools that help them connect and learn in new ways.


Go virtual, deliver the same engaging experience as before. With a virtual events platform that’s both available on web and mobile, attendees can be anywhere in the world and still each get a unique experience that has all the essential components of an on-ground event and even more.


With the evenTwo platform you can offer to your event attendee the best user experience in virtual, hybrid and physical events.

Evia Platform

Evia Platform is a robust virtual event solution that closely replicates your live event experiences. 365-Engagement driven, an enterprise grade solution witn end-to-end support — the Evia Platform helps you achieve your hybrid and virtual event goals for live streaming, on-demand production, networking opportunities, registration capabilities, sponsorship opportunities, and your ROI needs.

Ex Ordo Virtual

Create a buzzing community surrounding your event with B2B Wizard, which lets your participants network and set meetings that will take place during the event.

Expo wizard

Gather Your Tribe with a Virtual Conference. Bring your virtual experience to life with an online event space packed with everything from unlimited live sessions to on-demand videos and media. Built exclusively for research events.


Our event management platform empowers B2B event organisers with tools for matchmaking, networking, & online/virtual meetings at exhibitions & conferences.

Fanomena Events

When live events can’t take place, sponsors and exhibitors don’t get the visibility they deserve. Our tool provides a virtual swag bag that boost engagement between sponsors and exhibitors and the attendees of the event. Share vouchers, discount codes, surveys and much more through a measurable digital channel.


GEVME Live is a secure platform built from the ground up for digital and hybrid events. It is fully-customizable and provides event organizers with the full suite of tools needed to host professional and polished events online.


Glisser provides an all-purpose, entirely customizable, virtual venue with a suite of tools to track engagement in real-time and unify the event experience for all attendees, wherever they are. Glisser enables companies to power engaging event experiences for their customers, partners, investors and employees, in-person, online, and in-between. The platform is developed by event industry veterans to go beyond basic video and screen sharing tech, to create inspiring, high participation events of any size.


Goomeo is a creative platform for mobile event apps and networking services: exhibitions, trade shows, congresses, conferences & corporate events.

Grenadine Event Software

Event Management Software. For on-site, virtual, or hybrid events. Plan, promote, sell and communicate from a single platform.


Help your attendees and exhibitors network & consume your content from anywhere in the world by deploying robust virtual event features within the leading AI-powered event matchmaking platform.


GruupMeet's virtual add-on product seeks to provide you with professional, secure, and powerful features to enhance your online events. You'll be able to enhance the overall management of your online event experience while leveraging existing tools with built-in API integrations.

GTR™ | Virtual Event Platform

The GTR™ Virtual Event Platform is built for built for Conferences, Trade-Shows, and Conventions. Turn your in-person event into a virtual experience. Our technologies help event planners with Event Registration, Lead Retrieval, Attendance Tracking, Mobile Apps and Hotel Site Selection.


Organizers choose to support their virtual events with a Guidebook app to keep attendees engaged and informed. Use an app to house event schedules and materials like presentations or supplementary reading. Keep attendees up to date on the latest with push notifications. Utilize live polling and surveys to keep audiences engaged throughout the event.


idloom-events is a state-of-the-art events registration platform, designed to help you organize and manage your corporate events (of all kinds: seminars, webinars, etc.) effortlessly through the automation of most processes (multi-page event website creation, attendee management, payment processing, badge printing, hotel room booking, invoice generation, on-site quick check-in, etc.).

Intrado Studio (formerly Inxpo Studio)

Our virtual events platform gives you the power to connect with a global audience and tailor your event to meet your business objectives. We offer two online event experiences to best fit your needs. The Essentials experience delivers a series of live, simulive, or on demand presentations organized by tracks or categories. Our immersive Expert experience package, emulates a physical conference with event spaces, sponsorship opportunities, programmed sessions and engagement tools.

JAM - Virtual Meetings

JAM sessions have a short live component of typically 120 minutes to ensure participant engagement. JAM incorporates proven techniques to accelerate the live meeting process while ensuring participants have time to consume the requisite information.


Jifflenow’s Virtual Meetings capability seamlessly integrates all the necessary information about the customer, the opportunity, purpose of the meeting, along with the meeting information such as date, time, location, etc., to get the right attendees to participate and achieve better outcomes, thus enabling enterprises to continue to effectively engage with their prospects and customers.


Jujama provides the leading desktop and mobile applications to events around the world that bring attendees together before, during and after an event. This powerful event app creates a private social networking application that makes it easy for all event participants to schedule one-to-one meetings, build customized agendas, share important information, and learn about and connect with sponsors & exhibitors.

Let's Get Digital

With Let's Get Digital, you can experience an event remotely as though you are there in person. With check-ins, break times, coffee, lunch and face-2- face meetings, a participant will experience your event as usual!


Invite and keep track of attendees. Gather agenda, information and other assets in one place. Interact with your audience using polls, surveys, questions to the speaker and more. Encourage networking through the participants list, chat feature and activity feed. Integrate your live stream (YouTube Live or HLS) and let participants follow the event while using all app features without interruption.


From managing online registrations, ticketing, marketing, abstracts and uploads, bookings, payments and budgets to creating your very own website, mobile app and more, MeetingHand features a host of tools to optimize your event management experience.


MeetMe is the mobile version of the bar or coffeehouse where everyone belongs. MeetMe’s mission is to meet the universal need for human connection among all people, everywhere.

Mixtroz Virtual

Mixtroz is an innovative software that makes business networking, team building, and event engagement easy. Mixtroz virtual event platform allows the event host to create connectivity among attendees even if an event is cancelled, postponed or held virtually from the start.


Transform your event into an online event without missing the experience and mutual contact that is important for your guests. Have them experience the full event in a virtual location. Personal conversation is key and easy in Networkapp. We also offer virtual network tables, meeting rooms, embedded integration for streaming and webinars both in our online events and communities.


Nodily helps you meet people that matters to you and your business. It is networking at its finest. Whether you are traveling, at a profesional meeting or in your home town, Nodily will help you make your business go forward.


A complete agenda includes more than just webinar-style presentation: attendees can see and talk to each other. Offer multiple concurrent educational sessions with livestream or pre-recorded webinars. Networking opportunities include real-time video conferencing, topical meeting rooms and discussion forums. Virtual tradeshow booths include “”exhibit hours”” when exhibitors can meet “”face-to-face”” in video exhibit booths.


A single solution to matchmaking for attendees, buyers, sellers, exhibitors, sponsors, partners… really anyone. Some typical use cases include event networking, exhibitor marketing, hosted buyer, and always-on communities, whether a live or digital event. PeerConnect can also integrate into any technology platform, so there’s no second app download or separate website needed.

Perenso Cloud Show

Whether an online only event or in conjunction with a physical show, Perenso Cloud Show, a virtual trade show platform, enables you to reach a larger audience and utilizing sophisticated commerce transactions, attract and retain revenue.


Live streaming (native or Zoom integration), virtual exhibit hall with real-time visitor interactions (video and text chat, file transfers), virtual networking (real-time video chat and meeting booking), deeply integrated with event app, registration, and more.

Pigeonhole Live

Make connections happen wherever you are. Live Q&As, Polls, Quizzes, and Surveys. The audience interaction tool for your virtual and in-person events and meetings.


PodioBox is the quickest and simplest way to give interactive presentations in live, virtual, or hybrid events. Totally web-based, it works with any device. No App or software downloads.

RegFox Virtual Events

Regfox by Webconnex is a cloud-based registration management solution. The solution allows event organizers to create customizable registration pages and send invites to the team or individual participants.

Shindig Video Chat Event Platform

Take video chat questions from audience members. Let the audience meet, mingle & socialize in private video chats. Only platform with live stream integration for YouTube & Facebook Live.


Slido is an easy to use Q&A and polling platform. It helps people to get the most out of meetings and events by bridging the gap between speakers and their audiences. From internal communications professionals to trainers, team leaders, conference organizers and individual presenters, Slido is used by anyone looking to enable open conversation at a live meeting, whether in-person or virtual.


The unique “Mark and Review” feature allows conference delegates to create a mark at any time during a live presentation. Post event delegates can rapidly review content using personal mark-points. Organisers can signpost their key moments too. Give delegates a voice to respond with polling, Q&A and evaluation. Display schedule and other content via a customised branded micro-site.


Live Q&A and polling platform

SpeakerEngage Platform

Speaker Engage is a fully-integrated, cloud-based platform with speaker, sponsor and community curation with centralized content management powered by seamless workflow automation to remove the chaos from event planning and execution.


Streams.live is a video-streaming platform designed to transform this obstacle into an opportunity. In the era of “Passion Economy”, we want to empower content creators to easily monetize their work through virtual events software.


Our web & mobile apps offer both knowledge and networking opportunities for virtual, hybrid and live events. Features include live streaming, program registration, audience interactions, videos calls, matchmaking, an exhibitor’s center and marketplace. You have an all-in-one platform with everything you need to run a successful event, whatever its format.

Synergy Virtual Event Platform

The end-to-end solution for virtual events including live streaming and technical assistance. Attendees can network and message each other, whilst also interacting with Sponsors and Virtual Exhibitors. Live streams are elegantly integrated with the app, and can be viewed as a pop-up that stays visible while using other applications or interaction tools.


Sell tickets for your livestream event or experience. Engage your fans and sell tickets to exclusive livestreams and virtual events. You can easily live stream a concert or an event from your house or studio. Taking online tickets for your private event has never been easier.

Trippus Event Solutions

Trippus offers an integrated, personalized web-based app which attendees can use on their laptops or cell phone without needing to download or sign-in! Planners can make updates to anything on-the-fly and changes refresh automatically. We offer, for example, ask-a-question and live polling features and enable text messages to your audience.


UgoVirtual is a virtual solutions platform for industry trade shows, corporate meetings and conferences. It replicates the content and experience available at on-site events. The platform is flexible and highly configurable, and can be used to host a stand-alone online event or create a virtual version of an on-site event for remote attendance. Attendees can visit various locations and participate in different activities, such as live keynotes and breakouts, on-demand sessions, one-on-one chat, social networking, peer collaboration, etc.


CRM, booking calendar, event management, floor planning, registration, & more. Trusted by over 50000 event professionals in more than 50 countries. Ungerboeck now offers managing your event as a virtual event via its registration platform. This is done by offering customers a choice of their virtual event provider such as GoToWebinar from LogMeIn or Zoom. This allows to seamlessly manage online participants, events details and engagement statistics directly in the Ungerboeck platform.


Viero is a big, secure online drive for your mass photos and videos. Whatever you throw at us we make playable on your phone, tablet, desktop and TV quality preserved as physically possible. We accept photos up to RAW and videos up to 4K with multi channel, multi language audio and internal or external subtitles.

Virtual Engagement Platform

MeetingPlay’s Virtual Engagement Platform re-creates the quality, content, and feel of what makes face-to-face events special. Features include: 3 video delivery formats - live stream, pre-recorded, and realtime collaboration modes; Secure login; Personalized, AI guided agenda with content suggestions; attendee matching and networking; virtual sponsorships and exhibit hall; live chat, polling, Q&A, and gamification; built-in registration integrations; push notifications.

VIrtual Events by EventsCase

‘Virtual Events’ by EventsCase uses a link-based system to broadcast highquality video through a customised mobile app and website. The feature works by integrating seamlessly with the organiser’s chosen video conferencing and webinar platform, using a Netflix-inspired interface to host their live content feeds.

Virtual Expo/Vendor Village

On June 1st, Event Hub launched a first-of-its-kind live virtual expo/vendor village platform that will allow event partners to have high-quality touchpoints with attendees, and engage them in real-time from virtual booths. Host a virtual expo with your branding that features sponsors and allows discovery of all of your event partners. Embed “main stage” programming via YouTube Livestream that attendees can watch, WHILE browsing event sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors.

Virtway Events

3D virtual events platform for corporations with lifelike and engaging virtual events, fairs, conferences and networking, saving time, money and the planet. Discover all of our online events: tradeshows, conferences, summits, team building activities, employee onboarding, safety training and much more.

Webinar Engagement Solution

Run webinars from Eventbank's all-in-one platform and provide your attendees with premium and seamless experience that gives them access to presentations, agenda, as well as ability to connect and chat with each other.


Using Zenus face recognition technology to streamline your check-in process, enhance security and retrieve data analytics.

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