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The Vitruvian Attendee

By Julius Solaris

The attendee of the future is young dynamic and connected. Please meet the Vitruvian Attendee.

Vitruvian Attendee

I am writing this post just after finishing up a session at the Event Technology Conference & Awards.

During the speech, I introduced the Vitruvian Attendee to the London audience. Meet him in the picture above.

The Vitruvian Attendee is the attendee of the future. It is the lady or the gentleman you have to keep in mind when you want to appeal to new generations.

Connected, Involved and Energetic

The Vitruvian Attendee has more than one device when she attends events.

He is always connected and probably livestreaming the event with his Google Glass.

The Vitruvian Attendee wears a Badge because she wants to be involved with the planning and promotion of the event. He wants to be a general of your event army.

He always have coffee with him as he is energetic and multitasks.

The Protagonist of New EventTech

The Vitruvian Attendee is the target audience of event professionals looking at engaging new audiences.

To better understand how to offer services that engage the attendee of the future, we are releasing a free report on Tuesday.

Just connect on Tuesday 19th of November on Event Manager Blog for a free ebook to download (no email required, no catch, as always) that will help you to better serve the Vitruvian Attendee and make sense of one of the most popular event technology of modern age.

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Julius Solaris is the editor of EventManagerBlog.com, he is an international speaker, author and consultant.
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  • Great post, Julius! The Vitruvian Man is one of my favorite works by Da Vinci, and I love that you’ve used that to describe the attendees of today. They definitely are connected, involved and energetic!

  • Very true, Julius! The young attendees of today are definitely rather Vitruvian. They’re definitely connected, involved and energetic in perfect proportions! And I love the image too!

  • Guest

    When I look at myself, and with my 22 years I’m a young attendee, I recognize
    myself when I see the picture of the future attendee.

    I’m always online. When I attend an event, I post more than 3 Tweets with
    the hashtag of the event. I post pictures, I write my experiences on Facebook
    and I check-in on Foursquare.

    I’m not really a coffee drinker, but I understand where it comes from. A
    lot of young people drink daily coffee. This hype started with the introduction
    of the Starbucks stores in Belgium.

    I think when you organize an event and you can create a world where the
    new attendee feels comfortable, your event will be a huge success.

    • Hey Julie

      thanks for your comment. The coffee means that the attendee of the future is energetic (which I am sure you are) not saying that actually drink coffee 🙂