What You See vs What Eventprofs See

Ever get the feeling that you see the world differently as an event planner to the rest of the world? Here is a peek into these very different vantage points.

Eventprofs have a unique perspective on the world. Slide the bar to show what the rest of the world sees (on the left) versus the event planner reality (on the right). Sometimes real and sometimes imagined it is no wonder that we sometimes have trouble sleeping at night!

What You See vs What Eventprofs See

The Site Visit

Everyone else: OK, a lecture theatre, big screen, right capacity, looks OK.

Event Planner: No way are we using this room/venue, look at the uncomfortable seats!

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The Office

What people imagine your desk should look like versus the reality in the lead up to an event.

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The Vision

Event planners have a brilliant knack of taking an empty exhibition hall and creating something brilliant in a short space of time. Be proud eventprofs!

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The Love/Hate Relationship with your Smartphone

Of course I can help you – smile….

By phonecall number 112 the eyes are starting to roll. Please stop bothering me I have sooooo much to do!

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The Trip

Packing for an event attendee is great. Flipflops – what more can I need?

For the event planner they luggage allowance is put under strain as they try to remember everything they could need for every possible eventuality.

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The Night Before the Event

For the event attendee – let the event jolly begin. First stop the hotel bar!

For the diligent event planner it probably means a late one, triple checking every final detail or, more likely than not, dealing with last minute presentation changes and questions from people who prefer not to read the information you have sent to them.

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The Morning of the Event

At the crack of dawn on event day, whilst everyone else is sleeping, your valiant event planning team is grabbing their first cup of coffee and probably already on site.

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The Event Planner

Of course everything is beautifully calm and under control….

Or at least that is what everyone sees front of house!

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The Best Seat in the House?!

What the attendee sees versus what the event planner sees backstage

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The Refreshments

Everyone else: Bubbles!

Event Planner: I need water! If I’m lucky enough to stop for a minute, that is!

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The Gig

Everyone else: This is awesome and everyone is having an amazing time!

Event Planner: Crowd control in position – check.

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In Conclusion

In the crazy world of event management it is easy to see how event planners develop their own unique perspective on the world and see things a little differently! Welcome to our world.

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Becki Cross is Managing Director of Events Northern Ltd, a UK event and conference management company established in 2004. Becki set up the business in her early twenties and is particularly passionate about conferences, innovation, entrepreneurship and the legacy of events.Becki is also the Deputy Editor, Community Manager and Contributor to EventMB, her dream job alongside event planning!Follow Becki via @beckitrain.
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