So, Who’s Attending the Event?

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This is one of the most recurring question an organizer gets.

It also highlights how much we care about our friends attending in order for us to click on “buy ticket”.

Attending an event is not an easy task for everyone. It means going out of our comfort zone. It means exposing ourselves to other people.

Therefore seeing familiar faces attending reduces our perceived risk of buying a ticket.

Hence why we ask the organizer for who is coming, in the hope she replies with familiar names.

The news is we don’t need to ask anymore.

Eventbrite Launches “Who’s Going” Feature

Eventbrite has just announced a potentially disruptive feature for the ticketing industry. Yes you may have seen it on standalone services, but the news is the integration with ticketing.

“Who’s Going” allows prospective ticket buyers to immediately get a list of Facebook friends who purchased a ticket.

Here is a screenshot:

On their post announcing the feature they explain the importance of such feature:

We’ve seen that among people who share events on Facebook, 40% of people share events before they commit to going, in order to gauge their friends’ interest in attending or to encourage them to attend. So, imagine how powerful this information can be in influencing their decision. If they see that 5 of their friends have already registered for an event, they’ll be more likely to register on the spot.

How Do you Set It Up?

Setting the module on your Eventbrite page is very easy.

Here is a step by step guide to enable “Who’s Going” on your page.

If you are an attendee you can switch on/off the feature on the module itself or on the confirmation page. Here is what you should look for:

Who Can Use This Feature?

At the moment it is available only for events in the US using the English language.

We hope that it will be quickly rolled out to the rest of us in Europe and it will be available in form of a Widget so that we can embed it on our websites.

What are you waiting for? Time to switch the module on!

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