Why Event Planners Should Doodle More

Your stick men and scribbled stars may actually help you to become a better event professional – yes really! Here are 11 reasons why you can justify your doodling.

Scientists have discovered that doodling activates the part of your brain that allows you to stay focused, retain information and grasp new concepts. The default mode network (DMN) area of the brain, when activated, can help with decision making and luckily for event planners, to deal with quick thinking. This is not the only superpower doodling gives you though, here are some more great benefits to getting your doodle on whenever the mood takes you!

Why Event Planners Should Doodle More
  1. Improved Memory

With a lot to remember doodles can be a useful tool to help event planners to recall and retain the information they need. The act of doodling helps with memory because you are putting a physical process to the information when you receive it in your brain which makes it easier to recall, in a similar way that if you hopped on one foot while being told something it would trigger the same response (without the strange looks in the office!).

You can also take doodling one step further by creating a deliberate system that specifically represent a frame of mind or are a visual representation of what you are trying to remember. This makes it easier when you are trying to recall it later on.

  1. Better Interactions With Others

By doodling and activating the DMN brain area you are better able to navigate large amounts of information and cues that you take in from others, sort them and gauge how they may react in the future and why. In such a client facing role, event planners need to navigate the client needs as well as working with others to achieve their aims and so doodling can make you more responsive to this and offer them a better experience while bettering your understanding of what they are looking for to realise their creative ideas. Additionally, this allows you to be more empathetic and understand their perspective which can make negotiation and persuasion easier.

  1. Aids Multitasking

Allowing your brain to switch from a task to doodling and back again trains it to be able to switch modes effectively and frequently which can be a real asset if you are known to multitask. Multitasking itself is frowned upon but this is in part because it is harder to turn your brain quickly from one type of task to another. However, doodling naturally helps your brain focus on two elements at once that are often dissimilar, for example by creatively doodling while discussing the event budget, talking on the phone or having a meeting. Brain training has been proven in many areas and doodling can actually be a useful tool to develop your multi-tasking ability.

  1. Improves Focus

One of the main issues to multitasking and managing multiple projects at once is how overwhelming the workload can be. Often event planners will find themselves doing all the small, easy tasks and putting off the larger ones that takes more brain power because it is more time consuming and can come across as less effective. In addition to this, when you are dealing with multiple projects you are often distracted and lose focus while trying to complete a task because you are busy worrying about other elements that need to be completed and thus a vicious cycle is born.

Doodling allows you to focus on something in front of you, rather than the what if’s and things you need to do and creates an environment that can make you focus on the task in hand and offer you singular vision when you need it. It can help keep you in the moment to avoid the necessary distractions and can allow you to tune out the excess noise, both around you and mentally that is hindering you from completing your task. No matter how much you have on your plate, individual tasks make up the bigger picture.

  1. Assists Decision Making

Future decision making and planning is assisted by the DMN area of the brain because it can deal with more information as well as allowing you to better assess what is going on. If you are in the process of making important decisions, doodling and activating this area of the brain can help you make more of an informed and educated choice. Doodling can also help you to keep level headed to avoid making rash or biased decisions, which is perfect for those with a shorter fuse.

  1. Boosts Productivity

Using multiple parts of your brain and exercising them frequently makes your brain more powerful and better equipped to deal with issues. In particular, doodling that allows you to maintain better focus and multitask will increase your productivity and what you are able to achieve, as well as making it feel easier so that you can take more on or meet your deadlines with plenty of time to spare. Also, doodling and drawing images can better capture information without taking endless notes which can be less exhaustive on the brain (and hands!) making you able to last longer.

  1. Offers A Creative Outlet

Event planning is not always fun and games and for the creative types can be restrictive when dealing with the admin side of things. Doodling offers a creative outlet so that you are always able to express yourself and provides an escape for those who may be tied to the desk for the foreseeable future. Also, those who express themselves creatively also find that they are more reflective and better able to take in the happenings around them, which means you can learn from your mistakes more effectively for the future.

  1. Helps Idea Innovations

Staying ahead of the competition and creating amazing events starts with new and original ideas or twists on something more traditional. Doodling creates the perfect atmosphere for this and can allow your subconscious to take over and generate new ideas or concepts that you can use whether that is a literal drawing of what you can recreate or something more abstract that inspires something else. As a positive activity, doodling helps to allow your brain to be more explorative in its thought processes which means you can think of things you wouldn’t have considered before or build on concepts you already have in new and exciting ways.

  1. Improves Listening Skills

During meetings or anything that includes audio, doodling can keep your mind from wandering and allow you to purely listen while mindlessly writing on paper. It allows you to be more reflective about what you are hearing while not causing you to listen so intently you become fatigued, which can be a risk for longer meetings or courses. In addition to this, the ability to keep concentration while listening is the main factor for soaking up information, so with doodling this keeps you in the moment and listening with ease.

  1. Reduces Stress

Particularly if events and planning are not going your way or something is going awry, creative outlets can offer an element of control which can make you feel less stressed and help you to remain calm. Also, for event planners who often forget to take time out for themselves, doodling can offer a 5 minute solution to taking some me time and a mental break without needing to leave your desk or the office environment (which you may not be able to do anyway). Putting all of your tasks down and allowing your brain a rest from planning and organising when you are feeling the event stress, can be a quick and easy tool to get back to the productivity and ultimately makes you more efficient.

  1. Overcomes Mental Blocks

Mental blocks are common for those in creative fields and event planning is no different but it can be tricky to overcome these and work around to find a problem or solution. Not only can doodling provide a physical representation of the block and help you work it out on paper, it can free up your thinking and allow ideas and inspirations to flow. Also, you may find that you are subconsciously dealing with a block or issue by doodling and find the solution in the doodles themselves without realising. Getting thoughts onto paper or in another form can help you think around an issue.

In Conclusion

As you can see, doodling has plenty of benefits that are working and training your brain and subconscious to make you a better event professional. In the future feel free to doodle while on the phone or in a meeting and reap the benefits it can bring!

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